Thursday, May 11, 2023

Happy 11th Birthday, Timothy!

Timothy, I can hardly believe another year has gone by and you are now 11 years old! 

I know this year has been a little tough because of my cancer. And I know it's been scary. But you, along with your brother and sister, have proven to be resilient and unwavering. You will never know how much I need that. You hold my hand. You give me endless hugs. You lay with me in bed. You ask me to sit and talk with you. And we talk.....and talk.....and talk. In fact, my favorite thing to do in this entire World is to sit on the side of the bathtub with you, soaking our feet in the warm water, chatting about anything and everything. In those moments, everything feels right with the World. In those moments, I believe that everything will be ok. 

You bring me so much peace during a time in my life where I feel like I'm spinning out of control. And you don't even realize it. You are just being you. How lucky I am to have you. 

You are such a special boy, Timothy. Silly, kind, helpful, empathetic, funny, talented, determined, strong willed, and wickedly smart. You are mature and wise beyond your years. It has been a joy watching you grow. I am so very proud of you. 

Happy Birthday, Hunny Bunny! 

With love,                                                                                                          Mama Hauck

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