Monday, September 13, 2021

The Broken Spur Rodeo - Molly's First Rodeo!

Molly participated in her first TRUE rodeo this past weekend! She was a little familiar with some gaming events as her riding instructor, Judi, had had a fun event back in August where she got to run some poles and barrels. But that was just at Judi's barn, and with just her small riding group. This was at an actual rodeo grounds with kids of all ages, with different skill levels, from all over Goldendale! 

It was an all day event, with poles, figure 8's, barrels, and other games I don't know the name of, haha. Since Molly had only done a few game runs the month before, she isn't very experienced. A true beginner compared to some of the talent that showed up. Thankfully, The Broken Spur Rodeo is very beginner friendly, and they actually delight in taking in newcomers and teaching them the ropes.  All the other kids, parents, and staff were so kind and supportive to everyone there! If someone had a run issue, there was always a helpful voice from the sidelines or someone running out into the arena to coach them through it. This happened with Molly for her first two events - the poles and figure 8's. She knew what she needed to do, but getting Rain, the horse she was riding, to listen was a whole other story. He was being a bit of a turd, and she was getting frustrated, but with a little motivation from the sidelines and a helping hand on foot in the arena, she pushed through and finished the first two events without quitting. We were very proud of her! 

She did amazing on her last two events, which were "key hole" and a barrel run. By this time Rain had had all morning to warm up and realize Molly meant business and wasn't going to let him not listen to her. So she was feeling a ton more confident and it definitely showed. She rode the last two events wonderfully without the helping hand of someone on the ground coaching her through. After she finished her barrel run, you could tell she was so pleased and proud of herself. 

These photos were taken by the photographer at the event. I am thankful for these photos as they are so much better than mine from the far sidelines! She was doing her figure 8 game run here. 

At the end of the long day, after all the times and scores of all the events were tallied up for the different age groups, Molly came in 9th for her age group. For it being her first real rodeo, with hardly any training in gaming, she didn't care about her placement, and was very excited just to be there having fun with friends and to have been given the opportunity to try something new that she likes and is interested in. I love that attitude! She finished the day with a smile and was proud of herself for persevering and not giving up, even when she ran into moments of frustration when missing a pole or taking a wrong turn, etc. 

In the end, it only matters that you tried your best and had fun in the process. 

We loved seeing her out there having fun and hope that there will be future events she will be able to attend. For now, rodeo season is winding down. So we will see what next year has in store. 

Proud of you, Molly!

With love,
Mama Hauck

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Wild Waves Adventure

For Timothy's birthday last year, we bought him tickets to Wild Waves, a combination amusement and water park. A few years back, when we took our last Thanksgiving trip to CA, he was sad to not be able to go on all the bigger rides because he wasn't tall enough. Last year, I bought him these tickets knowing he would be big enough by his 8th birthday, but Covid had the amusement park closed for the entire 2020 season, so unfortunately we couldn't go. I promised we'd go for his 9th birthday instead, since the tickets were going to be honored for the 2021 season. Unfortunately again, Covid had the opening of the park delayed, so we once again couldn't go for his birthday. BUT the park was finally able to open come the end of June and we decided that Labor Day weekend would be a good time for us to go, as one last "hoorah!" for summer time. 

So we booked a hotel close by the park and hit the road! We stayed two nights, Saturday and Sunday. Of course the kids didn't miss the opportunity to swim in the hotel's pool every chance they could. And I didn't miss the opportunity to lounge in the hotel bed watching trash TV, hahah. 

We arrived at Wild Waves a good deal before they opened so we could be sure to get an upfront parking spot. I'd say most people focused on the water park side, so that left the amusement park side with very little people, and we delighted in being able to ride the coasters and other rides multiple times in a row with little to no wait at all! Some of the rides that were suppose to be open were closed, so that was a bit of a disappointment, but all that mattered was that Timothy had the chance to ride as many coasters and big rides as he could! Let me tell you, that boy is one tough cookie and not afraid of anything! Where Anthony and Molly balked at a few rides, he was front and center with his Mama and Papa living his best life! He is a coaster junkie like his Mama and I love that!! 


After spending most of the day on the rides, by 3pm we were ready to head to the water park. The lazy river was nice, and the wave pool was fun, but we really had a blast on the water slides! That's where the fun was at. We would all go down the slides, then grab our tubes and run back in line to do it again! Water parks aren't my most favorite....I always picture myself drowning, haha, so I didn't want to do the water slides by myself, lol. I would always go with Molly or Anthony on a double tube....not Timothy though....because he wanted to do them on his own! Gosh, that boy. He had waited so long to prove he was big and brave enough to go on all the rides, by himself, and by golly he did! 

I didn't get any photos of us enjoying our time at the water park (Darn it! That would have been nice!) because we left our bags and phones in a locker, but I managed to get a few when we were all done having fun and settled down for a snack before hitting the road back to the hotel. 

We definitely enjoyed our weekend away. Swimming, lounging, rides that get your adrenaline pumping, water slides I didn't die on....what could be better? I wish we had an amusement place closer to us we could go to all the time. Makes me miss The Great Escape amusement park I went to growing up. That place is probably 3x the size of Wild Waves. The kids would have a blast!!! Maybe one day. In the mean time, I am very thankful we were finally able to make this trip happen and everyone had a great time, especially Tim and Mama (even with a still broken toe!), lol. 

With our last summer getaway in the books, it's now time to settle into school and the whole school routine. It's always a bittersweet moment to say goodbye to summer, but it was a good one filled with camping, fun with friends, and a lot of much needed down time. So I'm feeling ready to face the upcoming school year. (But maybe the kids aren't, lol)

With love,
Mama Hauck