Thursday, June 30, 2022

Molly's Birthday

Welcome to the teenage years, Molly!! Ahhh! 

Molly could not wait to open birthday presents! She's been wanting to repaint her room and do a little room makeover, and I kept telling her she needed to wait until her birthday because I had a gift that she needed to get up on her wall first before she started to redesign her whole room, lol. So she has been not-so-patiently waiting for her birthday for some time now. 

As always.....balloons, streamers, presents! Molly received a new sweatshirt, some crocs with croc charms, a slushie cup, shelves for her nail polish collection, candy, cards, cash, and a large wall mounted jewelry and makeup organizer. Oh! And an appointment at the hair salon to get highlights in her hair. 

Molly wanted to go to the mall with her friend for her birthday. And not just any mall, but the large mall in the Tri-Cities....almost 2 hours away. So needless to say, we were on a time crunch! Birthday breakfast was leftovers from Anthony's (she didn't mind!). Then we ran around all crazy getting all the chores done and getting ourselves ready for the day. We did our yearly traditional birthday measuring and marking on the height board, as well as photos with Mama and Papa in the front yard, and then we hit the road to pick up her friend! 

We got to the Columbia Center Mall in the Tri-Cities right at 11 when it opened up. It's been years since I've been in a real mall, so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just as excited as the girls! haha

We shopped until we dropped. Well, not really. We were at the mall until about 2:30. And then headed to Target, Ulta Beauty, and then wrapped things up with a quick trip to Costco. I think we got out of the area by 4:15, which was awesome, as my goal was to be on the way home by 5 at the very latest so we could get home at a decent time. So we did good! 

The girls really enjoyed their time at the mall...as did Sam and I! We got some drinks and pretzels with cheese. We went in a whole bunch of stores.....some old favorites, some new ones. And we checked items off our "want" and "need" lists. I definitely could have spent more time at the mall....but you have to cap it at some point, lol. 

It made me happy to see Molly enjoying her time. 

Unfortunately, Molly's friend couldn't spend the night, so we dropped her off and continued on our way home. I think we got home at about 6:30. Plenty of time left to enjoy some birthday cake and then hang up her jewelry holder and nail polish shelves and do a bit of room organization before bed! Now she just needs to purchase her new paint color and get to work painting her room! 

Today we wrapped up the birthday fun when I took her to the hair salon for those highlights she's been wanting! She was sooo excited! They turned out amazing. I'll have to get a photo of her so show sometime soon. 

Love you, Molly Lynn. I hope you enjoyed your birthday! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

Anthony's Birthday

The older Anthony gets, the more chill he wants his birthdays to be. I must have asked him a hundred times what he wanted to do for his birthday and the answer was always the same: stay home and do nothing. 

Well that sucks. 

I finally convinced him to at least ask a couple friends to come over, because I knew he would regret it if he didn't. Thankfully he agreed, and his friend Owen was able to spend the night, and his friend Christian we picked up later in the day. He wound up being glad he invited friends over. 

See, I knew it. 

Birthday mornings all start the same way in our home....balloons, streamers, and presents first thing!! Anthony received a new game, an external for his playstation, a new sweatshirt and hat, a shaver kit, a pretty swanky toiletry bag, gift cards, cash, candy, and a baton. 

After presents, I cleared the table to get ready for birthday breakfast! Birthday breakfast consisted of pancakes (some of them chocolate chip!), bacon, little cheesy smokies, and maple sausage. 

After breakfast, Sam and the boys headed in to pick Christian up. Molly went with so she could stop at Dollar General and pick out some funny plates and silly accessories for Anthony. Such pretty pretty princesses in their crowns! hahaha! When the boys got back, it was straight to the bedroom for some game time. And that's where they stayed for a while, lol. 

Lunch consisted of burgers, chips, fruit, noodle salad, and cookies. Strawberry rhubarb pie was Anthony's birthday dessert of choice. The boys thought the silly plates Molly picked out were hilarious, and we even got a "birthday boy" pin for Anthony and birthday hats. You're never too old for a bit of silly fun!! They were good sports, lol. 

After some hang time outside, as well as more time spent gaming, it was time to get the boys back home. When Sam and Anthony got back, we did our yearly traditional birthday measuring and marking on the height board, as well as photos with Mama and Papa. 

I know it wasn't much, but I think that's the way Anthony wanted it. In my eyes, birthdays are a big deal, and I always want to make my kiddos feel extra loved and special on their birthdays. We've always done our best to make the day really fun for them. So it makes me a little sad when Anthony doesn't want to do anything.....but I think he was ultimately glad he had friends over to celebrate his birthday with him. I told him there will be plenty of adult years where he might not be able to do much on his birthday, and birthdays were we wont be able to be there with him....so for now....while he's still at home and while I still can, I'm going to do my best to shower him with birthday love and fun. Whether he wants it or not. It's a special day for me, too. 

Love you, Anthony. 

With love,
Mama Hauck