Sunday, October 30, 2022

Pumpkin Carving

Nothing like leaving our pumpkin carving to the last minute! 

We invited the grandparents over for our annual pumpkin carving gathering tonight. We watched a scary movie, carved our pumpkins, and then had a salad buffet with all the toppings! 

I love how the kids 100% did their pumpkins all on their own this year (ok....Papa helped cut the top off!). They did a great job. I always love seeing all the pumpkins lined up and lit! And Timothy made me laugh cleaning out and carving his pumpkin with a lollipop in the other hand the whole time, hahaha. 

Well done, everyone! We are officially ready for Halloween now! 

With love,                                                                                                       Mama Hauck

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Trunk or Treat!

Anthony got home from his FFA National's trip just in time to participate in Trunk or Treat! I'm SO glad too.....he had already missed the pumpkin patch this morning....I would have hated for him to miss all the Halloween festivities! 

We actually didn't intend to do Trunk or Treat this year, we were just going to do trick or treating on Halloween. However, we learned that a few of the boys in the group Anthony had coordinated Halloween costumes with were in Drivers Ed.....and they had a class on Halloween from 6-8pm. Dumb. Definitely unfortunate for them. So we pulled some strings and managed to get the group of boys together at the last minute for Trunk or Treat instead, this way all their hard work and money they put into their costumes wouldn't be wasted and they could still enjoy an evening of fun! 

So we met up with Anthony's friends in the Methodist Church parking lot, as well as one of Molly's friends, and then you know we had Timothy's friend Harrison with us, so his mom and dad met up with us as well. By the time we had everyone together we had 6 adults and 11 kids! Although Molly and her friend ran off for the evening to hang out with their group of gal friends. 

This was probably one of the most fun years I have had at Trunk or Treat. I really loved watching Anthony and his friends have a good time. I love that they all jumped at the opportunity to participate in Trunk or Treat...even though it is geared more towards little kids. You are never too old to have fun!! And I love that they were just out having a great time enjoying the evening. It made me happy that Timothy had a friend to be with as well! I missed having Molly with us though. We saw her every now and again and I got a photo of her with her friends while waiting in line for the haunted house....but I missed her being in our group. The kids sure are growing up. 

Another fun event for the night....the haunted house! Every year the General Store puts on a haunted house, but we've never been. This year the boys all wanted to go, and so I convinced Sam to go as well, even though he hates all things scary, haha. It was AMAZING! I'm actually really impressed with the quality. They did a great job. Of course I laughed the whole time, because those things are more fun than scary to me. We will definitely make it a point to go through the haunted house every year now! 


Such an amazingly fun evening!! I'm glad it all worked out for Anthony to get that time with his friends. 

With love,
Mama Hauck