Monday, April 2, 2018


Friday before Easter, we headed on over to Grandma Cathy's for our weekly dinner at G-ma's, with the added fun of dying our eggs! 

Last year Anthony learned the true meaning of Easter and that the Easter Bunny is really Mama...and sometimes Papa, lol. He's done really well with being a sweet big brother and allowing Mols and Tim to have a few more years enjoying Easter Bunny fun. As a big brother treat, he gets to help hide the eggs, set out the baskets (though I do keep his covered until he's in bed asleep....even older kids like surprises!), and leave the bunny trail of candy. 

Good morning! Let the egg hunt begin! The eggs were filled with organic lollipop, mini Hershey bars, organic fruit chews, and of course...money!

After the last egg was found, it was basket time! This year, the kiddos each got a book or two and a new swim suit. They also each got a special photo books from Grandma Whitten (who got to come up from CA to visit us over Spring Break this year!). Tim got a new little beta fish tank, Mols got new P.J.'s and a non-toxic kid friendly body spray, and Anthony got new fish tank plants and accessories. Oh, and new sand toys! 

Easter this year was all about making. Anthony made home made chocolate chip cookies. Timothy made home made brownies. Mama and Grandma made two batches of soap. And Papa smoked ribs for our delicious Easter dinner. It was actually a busy day!! 

 Happy Easter, my silly Hunny Bunnies!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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