Friday, January 31, 2014

The Fog and Sickness

We've had a real fog issue around here the past week and a half. When I looked out my front window and saw the fog hanging low and creeping in, it was enough to make you wonder what kind of creature was out there lurking around, just waiting for the chance to pop out and get you.....

Or maybe it's just me who wonders that. Maybe my love for horror films is catching up with me. 

I took these photos, before the hoar frost really built up here, and on a day the fog was off at a distance. It got much worse than what is presented in the photos.

As pretty as it is, I am glad to finally see it gone. The fog has lifted, the sun is shining, and everything has now melted off. 

Good riddance. 

I hope it takes with it all this sickness that has gripped my family. On Monday I thought everyone was getting better, but I was very wrong! It has been one of those tough and trying weeks that makes you question your sanity and sees you curled up in the corner crying. I wouldn't relive this past week, even if you payed me to. Between my own sickness and headaches and nights of 0 sleep, Sam having the flu and being bedridden for 2 days, Molly being constantly sick and missing 2 weeks of school, Timothy being sick and feverish and then developing croup.....I'm wondering how any of us even survived the week.

Thankfully, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I opened all the windows in the house today and have spent a great deal of time cleaning and disinfecting everything in the house, including washing all the blankets and bedding our sick faces have snotted on. Now I am just praying that this weekend will see Timothy's full recovery from being sick as his hernia surgery is schedule for this coming Monday!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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