Friday, May 29, 2015

How Lucky Am I

My children, they amaze me. Every day, all the time. They make my head spin and my heart thump. How lucky am I...how lucky am I!

From Timothy's endless curiosity. Always asking "Why, Mama? Why?" Like when he discovered a snake in his sandbox eating a frog; he just could not pull himself away until that snake was out of sight, all the while asking what it was doing and why. Why, why, why, Mama, why?.......

To his fierce independence and fearlessness which, once again, shined brightly when I told all the kiddos I'd give $5 to whomever was brave enough to touch the big and weird moth on our shop doorway. Guess who touched it? You got this, Tim. If anyone can do it, it'd be you. No help needed.

From Anthony's rich imagination that seeps from his mind, overflowing with enthusiasm and into all of our lives. This has never been more true than with his love and fascination, and subsequently our family's love and fascination with all things Bigfoot. I'm a believer!....

To his never ending love of the outdoors and seeing the beauty in all things, every little detail. Always building, always creating, always getting dirty. From the day you were born, Anthony....always getting dirty. Nice fire pit, love the flower detail. You said you did it for me to make it pretty. That didn't surprise me at all, you thoughtful boy. Thank you.

From Molly's sunny disposition towards learning and reading; that girl has always got flashcards, a pen and paper, or a book in her hand. Always asking us to count with her, read with her, write with her. "Mama, you write the uppercase, and I'll copy you." "O-N-E....that spells one, one, one. T-W-O...that spells two, two, two." Sweet girl, the World is your oyster.....

To her love of voice....yelling, singing, making her presence be known. So completely unlike me when I was a child. Loud, outgoing.....confident. Yes, confident. Sometimes I wonder how she is my child, so different from I. I nurture her confidence. Lift her up. Feed her soul. Be who you are, Molly. Be you, and nobody else.  

Yes....how lucky am I.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. This made my eyes water a little! You and Sam have created such a beautiful family. Molly is going to be writing poems and stories soon like her mommy!


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