Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Little Packing Helper

This month we are taking a trip to NY for my brother's wedding and Timothy sure seems excited about it, as well as the packing process!

I think I need to break it to him that he can't travel via suitcase though. Haha

Packing is such a pain. Really, who enjoys it? I do it for the whole family and have to start a whole week before we actually leave in order to do it right! I'm trying to pack small and light, but it's hard being that it's winter and boots and warm clothes take up much more space then flip flops and tank tops. We also have to pack all of our wedding attire, and dresses and suits take up space. Hopefully we can make 2 suitcases work for our family of 5 because I completely forgot we have to lug along 2 booster seats and a car seat. Yikes.

Our flight is an early one and with having to be there 2 hours before our flight and with it taking us a bit over 2 hours to even get to the airport......I'm not looking forward to getting on the road at 2:45am. The 6 hour long straight flight to NY with 3 children (one being a lap kiddo) sounds amazing as well. And when we land, we still have a 3 hour drive from JFK to my Aunt's house. Hopefully we can all survive our long travel day with minimal melt downs and causalities.

Ok, all of my packing and travel complaining aside, we truly are looking forward to this trip! It'll be nice to be back in NY for a few days and get to spend some time with family and friends I haven't seen in a long while. And the reason we are going, to witness my brother be wed to his beautiful gal, is more than enough reason to endure a couple rough travel days. :) 

Well, better get to packing and marking things off my to-do list!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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