Sunday, February 12, 2017

Be Mine

Ohhhh Valentines Day. How lucky am I to have 4 Valentines!

This year is the first year Timothy has made Valentines. Oh my word, he was sooooo adorable filling them out!! You know, he signed his own name 30 times, all by himself!! What a good boy. He is just so proud of himself that he can spell Tim. We are currently working with him to spell his whole name; Timothy. Welcome to the world of class Valentines, Timothy!

Molly is all about it. No surprise there, our little take charge and get it done little gal! She has been asking me for a month to do her Valentines, haha. She also demanded that she go first, have first pick of the Valentines (I purchased and downloaded two kinds off of Etsy.com a few weeks ago and printed them all myself), and of course, first pick of the candy. Naturally.

I do believe this is to be the last year Anthony will be doing Valentines. They grow up so quickly! I'm uncertain if they do Valentines Day parties in middle school? Even if they do, and give the kids the option to fill out Valentines, I wonder if he would want to? I guess we'll see. Sweet Anthony, he signed up to be a part of the Valentines Day Party committee, so we purchased a few snack items, some drinks, and I also downloaded and printed out Valentines Day Bingo for his class to play.


Shhhh, we're making Papa some Valentines! We might have even gotten him a small treat too!

We bought the kids each a small box of chocolates and a new swimsuit for Valentines Day this year. We'll set those out Monday night so they wake up to them Tuesday morning. Yay. Sam has strict orders not to purchase any candy for me for Valentines Day. I totally have no self control and the last thing I need is a huge box of chocolates going to my thighs, haha.

This year we've decided to do a Valentines Day dinner at Grandma Cathy's. I'm not sure what dinner will be yet, but I did pick up some fresh strawberries and melt-able chocolate wafers so we can all make chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. That'll be fun and tasty!! 

Happy Valentines Day!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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