Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow, Snow, Snow

Snow, snow, snow. That's what's been going on here recently. Snow, snow, snow. And snow fun!

The kids had a snow day yesterday, and so did Sammy. That was nice. Usually we do a good job keeping up with the snow as it falls, shoveling where needed and smooshing the rest with our car as we drive.....but we just got so much, our driveway and road were just overwhelmed with snow. Yesterday we phoned our neighbor who has a tractor and he took care of not only our long dirt road (to the best of his ability....), but our driveway as well. Yay!

This was especially exciting for the children as now they have a huge snow hill to play on! 

Last night we turned on the lights and had a little bit of snow fun. Not only did they have a fun new snow hill to play on, but they were playing outside at night, with super cool mood lighting on too. You'd think they had died and gone to Heaven they were so happy. 

Anthony had a great time digging a little tunnel in the snow. That's turned into his specialty. I have to laugh because I remember digging tunnels and making snow forts in the huge pile of snow that would fall off our roof in front of the house when I was a kid. Some delights just span the ages. 

I also remember shoveling a "trail path" throughout my entire yard and then getting on all fours and galloping along the path because I was a horse. I don't do that anymore. Hahaha

Playing and digging through a snow hill is great and all, but my idea of fun is a winter dip in the hot tub! Thank you, darling, for always shoveling a path to my hot tub. ;)

This morning the snow is still falling. The kids went to school as normal as the roads were plowed enough to allow for that, but Sam has another snow day. Being the guy he is though, he went in to get some work done anyway. At least he'll be home in a few hours so he can do the bus-stop thing for me today!

We're suppose to get a bit more snow today, and possibly tomorrow, before catching a break. The snow is quite lovely, but I think I'm good on the accumulation. I don't think we've gotten this much snow since the first winter we lived here back in '08. I could be wrong though. The years all seem to blend together.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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