Friday, September 9, 2016

5 Years and Going Strong: Anthony's Soccer Practices Begin

This is Anthony's 5th year playing soccer and we sure are excited to watch him this season! We thought he was going to be bumped up to the next division, U12, but they do the divisions by age, not skill, so he's still got one more year on U10. He's a bit disappointed about that, but it'll just mean he's one of the most experienced and kick-ass players on his team and in the division.

He's had a couple great practices already - scoring goals during the scrimmages. He has practices and games the same time as Molly does, so Sam and I will have to split our time between the kids in order to watch both of them. His first game is Saturday at 9am and he's super pumped! 

No jersey color or team name picked out yet; I guess we'll just have to be surprised on Saturday. 

Go get 'em, Dude! You always have your head in the game and you always do your best. You'll have a great season and we're excited to cheer for you from the sidelines! 

I love soccer season!

With love,
Mama Hack