Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring Time Fun on the Hauck Homestead

The birds are singing and the flowers and trees are blooming. Crickets are chirping and the sun is shining. The whoosh-whoosh-tick of the sprinkler growing green grass for my babies to play in is a welcome, calming sound. Ahh yes, Spring on the Hauck Homestead! 

We've been super busy getting ready for the start of the Goldendale Farmer's Market this coming Saturday! Along with all our Country Bumpkin projects, we've been slowly breaking out of our cold-weather funk and working on some outside projects and clean up. There's been poop scooping, tree planting, weed whacking, and bike rack building fun! Everyone helps out with chores, yard maintenance, and projects around here, and usually with a smile on their faces too! 


We've gotten our hands dirty and finally made progress on our garden - woohoo! After having the fencing and structure built for 2 years, haha, we've finally done some planting. We've got raspberries, peppers, a cabbage plant, carrots, and potatoes going for this year! Sam and I are super excited, and we're loving that the kids are excited as well! The carrots and potatoes have just sprouted, ekk!, and my raspberries have grown and thrived from last year. We just bought some strawberry plants we've got to get in the ground; and with that I think we'll call it good for now. I don't particularly have a green thumb, lol, and we're new to the gardening scene, so we're not going to go crazy our first year. Start slow and grow our knowledge.

It's never officially Spring time on the Hauck Homestead until the trampoline goes up! After weeks of waiting for a new net to arrive because our old one ripped, it finally showed up and the kiddos wasted no time begging Papa to set it up for them. The other day Timothy asked if I'd jump on the trampoline with him. I told him ok, but it makes me pee my pants. The look on his face was priceless! Hahaha

And it's never really really officially Spring time on the Hauck Homestead until we've had a day so warm, it allows us to play in the sprinkler or with the hose and water squirters! This is a favorite of mine....ever since Anthony was little and we first moved here, hose and sprinkler fun on our front walkway has been a tradition in our home. Photos from their water fun are always among my favorites. 

Anthony has offically started his end of the school year count down. All the kiddos are excited for the end of school next month and the start of summer. I keep telling them not to rush things....we've just started enjoying Spring and all it has to offer! Silly kiddos. 

With love,
Mama Hauck