Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Grandma and Grandpa

Dear Grandma and Grandpa, 

Thank you for coming all the way from CA to spend Spring Break with us 2 weeks ago! We know it's a long drive. We were nervous because usually one of you or one of us winds up getting sick and that's annoying, no fun, and would spoil plans...but hey, no one got sick this go-around! Well, except for when Grandma ate some bad grapes and threw up on the side of the road (yes, we are going to remember that forever!), but at least that was the extent of it and she was better right after!

We were super excited that Grandma arrived just in time for Easter! She got to help us color our eggs, do an egg hunt, open Easter baskets, and cook a delicious Easter dinner.

Once Grandpa arrived, we jumped right into our first adventure; Goldendale Cub Scout Pack 551's field trip to Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife refuge. Thank you guys for being an extra set of helping hands and helping to keep everyone on tract. That was a super fun field trip, even if dissecting the owl pellets were a little gross! 

We enjoyed our gun safety and shooting lesson with Grandpa and Papa.


And thanks for taking us out camping and hiking while Mama and Papa were away on their mini anniversary getaway!

We know we are a handful, but you just can't help but love us anyway, right!? 

After Mama and Papa's return home, we went out and hiked Multnomah Falls! That was a lot of fun....even though Molly had to turn back with Grandma for a bathroom, so they never reached the top! Next time! 

The Star Party, held at our house for Goldendale's Cub Scout Pack 551, was a crowd favorite. Thanks, Grandpa, for sharing your knowledge of the stars and space with everyone.

Ahhh yes, there was much fun and merriment over Spring Break with Grandma and Grandpa here! We hope you had as much fun as we did! We love you guys!

With love,
Anthony, Molly, and Timothy
(and Mama and Papa too!)

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