Friday, February 12, 2016

Future Novel Reader

Anthony got a reading award at school this past Wednesday! Timothy and I went to the Primary School's assembly to watch him receive his award. Anthony was super stoked and I am super proud of him! 

He has made so much progress with his reading. Last year he struggled a bit with his accuracy, words per minute, and even his desire to read. We read together every night, but that didn't mean he wanted to. I get it....when you don't feel like you are so great at reading, you don't want to read! 

I love to read, and have since I was a kid. I remember rushing through my homework just so I would have time to read a few chapters of the Dean Koontz book I was reading before bed time! haha 

We've always read to the kids, since they were just a babe on our laps, and we have a large selection of books too. Molly and Timothy are totally into their book collection, but Anthony....ehhh, he'd rather not spend his time with a book. What can I say, all kids are different. 

While being in the reading program at school and our continued reading at home worked to help with Anthony's reading abilities, I made an effort to help him with his reading desire. I made sure to frequently check out books from the library at his reading level I thought would pique is interest. By the end of last school year, Anthony had tripled his words per minute average and was well above with his accuracy as well. Wowza! 

Anthony continues to progress with his reading and we are just so so proud of him! I can say he'd still rather go play outside than sit down and read, but that's just the way he is and honestly, what kid at this age wouldn't choose outside play over a book!? I'm just so pleased we're not butting heads when it comes to reading time anymore. I say it's time and he does it, either to me, his siblings, or to himself. And you know what, I think he's even starting to dig reading a little bit more too. Perhaps he'll be reading Dean Koontz with me in no time at all. ;) 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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