Saturday, December 5, 2015

Children and Snow



Children and snow. 

There's hardly anything more exacerbating when it comes to children and snow then spending upwards of 20 minutes struggling to put their snow gear on just so they can spend half that amount of time playing out in the snow. And gloves.....on children of toddler and preschool age? Forget about it. If you're a parent, you totally know what I'm talking about! By the time I am done with my 3 children, I need a chocolate bar and a drink just to mellow out again. LOL

But you know what? If I didn't have these children in the snow......

I wouldn't have tons of sweet giggles after slipping all around on our icy sidewalk.  

I wouldn't have my shadow following me around leaving little footprints in the snow.

And I wouldn't have a strong big boy helping to shovel our driveway, earning his money for his Cub Scout den dues. 

Ah yes, it's all well worth the snow gear struggle. ;)

With love,
Mama Hauck

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