Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Wrestling Time!

The soccer season has now come to a close, and ohh what an awesome season it was! 

Our coach was awesome, I truly loved her! Such a sweetheart and the kids really took to her....and I think she took to the kids as well. :) We had an end of season party last night that was super fun. Burgers, hot dogs, cupcakes, games....and coach got each kiddo a gift, ribbon, and smore's goody bag. Super sweet!!  

Yes, such an awesome season. You could really see the growth and improvement with the kids' skill and game throughout these past weeks. They learned how to control the ball better, learned how important it is to pass and use teamwork, got a better understanding of official soccer rules.

Anthony was super stoked he scored 3 goals at his last game! Both our team and the team we played against had a hand full of wins. We tied a few times too! Of course there were losses. And that's good too. You can't always win....that's good for the kids to learn now. You can lose and life won't crumble. We should strive for good sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game above all else. We totally accomplished that!

All the kids played awesome, so much skill on both teams. There are some really strong players out there! I look forward to seeing which kiddos continue on playing soccer.  I'll be cheering from the sidelines!

Now that soccer has ended, wrestling begins! Wrestling started back up last week and will be every Monday and Wednesday until sometime in March or April. The whole family looks forward to wrestling season. Unfortunately, we won't be making it to most of the Monday meets because of Cub Scouts, which disappoints us, but you bet we'll be there on Wednesdays!

This is Anthony's 4th year of wrestling and Molly's 2nd. She wasn't so sure she wanted to do it again this year, but after the first day she was right back into the swing of things, haha. I love watching the kids and really hope they will continue to show interest in wrestling throughout the coming years.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Never a slow day or evening in the Hauck household!! I love to see the kids at wrestling too...will look forward to seeing them come April, at wrestling that is. Love you all


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