Friday, July 10, 2015

Grandpa's Visit

My dad flew out from NY for a visit from June 19th till July 6th. Yay! First thing we did was give him a taste of what the Goldendale Farmers Market has to offer! It was hot out, not a very busy weekend, and the kids demanded he push them on the swings the whole time, haha, but I think it was an overall enjoyable day! 

On Father's Day, the Papa's opened their gifts and then we headed out the door for breakfast at Sodbusters, a tradition of ours when my dad is visiting. It was decided that it was a project day....so we worked on getting a new clothes line started since our old one broke and also got more sand for the kids' sandbox. We are also in the middle of re-doing the kids' rooms, so we took Molly's old tree decal down off her wall, bought new paint, and got to work painting her room. Grandpa did most of the painting....thanks, Grandpa!! 

Since Anthony and Molly's birthdays were coming up on the 27th and 28th and we would be gone over their actual birthdays on a super secret camping trip (which they knew nothing of and so thought we weren't doing anything for their birthdays, haha), I told them they could each choose a day during the week to do something special for their birthday. Anthony chose Monday the 22nd and wanted to invite a few friends over to the house to play. I picked all the boys up in the morning and we headed back to our house for a day of playing. A looooong day of playing. ;) 

Molly chose Wednesday, the 24th. Unfortunately, the friends she wanted to invite were either sick or not able to join in on the fun, so they weren't able to join us at the pool. She was pretty bummed out, but she was still happy to be able to go to the pool. We spent a good hour there, and then did presents and cake! 

Thursday was our crazy make all the food and pack everything for camping day. Yikes! That was A LOT of work....packing for our family plus 3 extra boys (Anthony's friends) and prepping all that food. Wowza, it took all dang day. But it was soooooo worth it, we had an amazing 4 nights, 5 days camping!! We were gone from Friday June 26th- Tuesday June 30th. If you want to read all about our camping trip, click HERE.

Wednesday, after our sweet camping trip, we made a trip to The Dalles and Bingen in search of a bike. My dad said he'd buy me a bike for my upcoming birthday and I'm so stoked we found one! I really can't tell you the last time I rode a bike....it's been at least 10 years, no lie. I'm so excited! Now we can go on bike rides as a family! That night we ate dinner out at Ayutla's, which is also a tradition of ours when my dad is visiting. 

Thursday we headed to The Dalles again to watch Jurassic World in theater! That sure was a treat for the kids. They were really digging it, popcorn and all! Even Timothy was loving it, being so well behaved. He loved it so much, he fell asleep in my arms for the last 30 minutes! Haha! 

Friday was a chill day. We spent the day at home playing, wrapping up some projects, and relaxing. We did go out to dinner one last time though, to Sodbusters once again. :)

Saturday, 4th of July! We gathered ourselves together for our monthly Cub Scout Pack Meeting and then marched in the parade! It was awesome and the boys did so well! Afterwards we walked about town checking out the Goldendale Community Days events and then headed on down to the park and river for a bit to play. We were going to go to the Demolition Derby, something we do every year when my dad is visiting, but none of us were up for sitting in the grand stands for 2 + hours in 100* heat with 3 kids. So we opted out this year and instead went home for a few family photos and then some relax time. 

Sunday it was time to say goodbye to Grandpa. It's always hard to see him go, but we know we'll see him again next summer! We love you! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Looks like a really fun week! You are making such great memories with the kiddos and your Dad! That's so cute he got you a bike, I want one too but don't have place to store it :/ Molly's room is so cute too, remember we painted my room lavender too one year! This post made me want to go camping again :)
    <3 you all


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