Monday, July 13, 2015


Tomorrow is my birthday! I'm turning 29. I received a birthday card in the mail from my friend Jill the other day and she wrote, "You're turning the age that woman say they are forever." and I literally laughed out loud at that. She always could make me laugh.

29. That really seems odd to me...like I forget that I, like everyone else, ages. I feel stuck at 24. For whatever reason, when I'm asked how old I am, I almost always go to say 24, then have to stop myself and actually think about how old I am, like I already can't remember! haha I wonder if turning 30 next year will make it sink in for me? 

I look in the mirror and study myself. I see the same ol' face and body I've always seen. Small changes. A few laugh lines here. Some extra pudge there. Marks of Mamahood. I start to wonder when time and age will really catch up with me.....then I laugh because I realize how dumb of a thought that is for me to have. It already has! Maybe not in the physical ways people expect to see, but ohhhhh how my mind and soul have changed with time and age.

Of course there will always be some things that never change, like I still laugh at the same old jokes I use to laugh at. I still care way too much about what other people think. I still get anxious and worked up about things I shouldn't. And I still don't give in to peer pressure. But I am light years away from the person I use to be. Time does that. Age does that. Marriage does that. Mamahood does that. And I'm good with that. I'm more than good with that. I love that.

So bring on the birthdays. Bring on the years. I'm all for growing in love, life, and self.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Yay I'm glad I made you laugh :) It is weird to think about your age when people ask, isn't it? I still feel like I should be much younger too but I know my mind is older and that's from life experience I guess!

    Happy Birthday - almost!

  2. How beautifully said...I don't think about my age...much! But I always think about my kids and what age has brought me I am truly blessed. I love to see your words you express yourself so well. I look forward to watching you continue to grow in love and life. Happy 29th Birthday, you'll always be my baby girl, but what a beautiful woman you've grown to be in so many ways.



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