Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Make A Wish

Picking and making wishes on dandelions is a right of passage. I don't know a single child (or adult for that matter!) that hasn't taken delight in making a wish on a dandelion. 

Timothy discovered the fun of dandelions about a week or so ago. He ran around with Molly picking all the dandelions he could find and bringing them to us so we could make a wish and help him blow all the seeds off and watch them float away on the breeze. 

The other day I was sitting outside on the porch while Timothy ran around the yard. Then from down the yard I could see him running towards me. As he got closer, I could hear that he was giggling while looking down at something in his hands. Then I heard him say, "Flower for Mama, Mama happy! Yes, Mama Happy!" 

He stumbled up the porch steps and proudly displayed his two dandelions. 

"Oh Timothy!" I said while giggling along with him, "Look what you have!"
"Mama flower! Mama happy!"
"Aww, Tim! Yes! I see! That does make me happy! Should we make a wish?" 

Then I made a wish and blew on mine and Tim...maybe made a wish...and blew on his. 

Oh my gosh, that moment filled my heart with happiness and joy! Thank you for that wish, Tim. You are the most thoughtful child. 

With love,
Mama Huack

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  1. So loving and thoughtful! All your kids have your compassion especially when needed most. Sure miss them to pieces!!


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