Thursday, April 2, 2015

Love Your Local Library: Lego Build

Last Saturday the Goldendale Community Library was holding a Lego build for kiddos of all ages in our community. We dig Legos. Especially Anthony. Of course we had to go! 

How awesome is it that our library puts on cool things like this? I love our town! I'm excited for summer....every Friday there is a new activity or event held at the library, like the reptile man or a juggler. We've had great fun at these summer events in the past and look forward to the upcoming fun to be had!  

We were the first to show up to the Lego build and the kids wasted no time diving right it. There was even a section with Duplo Legos and a couple Mr. Potato Heads for the little ones to play with. Timothy had a blast building with his Papa. 

Anthony and Molly were happy to see some of our friends show up. Super fun!! I really enjoyed watching all the kids use their imagination and build. I helped Molly make a horse corral, and Anthony made a semi truck. When the kids were done building, we had a photo of their creation taken and wrote their name and title of their creation down on a piece of paper. The photos of their creation would be displayed in the library for a week. The kids thought that was awesome. 

At the very end of the Lego build, the kids all won a prize. They anxiously, but ever so patiently, waited for their ticket number to be called so they could go to the prize table and pick out a prize. Molly picked out a Lego poster. Timothy picked out a Lego magazine. Anthony picked out a cut-out Lego diagram that you could build.  

On Tuesday I loaded all the kids up and took them to the library. Every week, for the past 2 months now, I take Timothy to the library and he and I play and pick out new books and movies, for him as well as Anth and Mols. I have found that doing this not only gives Timothy and I a chance to get out of the house and have some bonding fun, but having a constant flow of new and exciting books in the house has gotten Anthony and Molly over the hump of "Reading is dumb and boring and I'll only do it because you're making me." and into the era of "This book looks awesome, I'm excited to read it and will do so willingly." Evidence of their new found love and appreciation of books can be seen in their most recent parent-teacher conferences and report cards. 3 and 4's. BAM! The power of reading. And hard work. And great teachers. And effort on the part of their Mama and Papa. 

This week, since the kids are on Spring Break, they all got to come! Wow.....who knew they could have so much fun at a library!? They each picked out 5 books and 3 movies, then spent the remainder of the time playing with the games and toys in the kid section. 

And then....they got a glimpse of the Lego build wall! Ohhh how they beamed with pride! I love it. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. What a wonderful day!! I'm sorry I missed it, it sounds like so much fun, Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think Lego is one of the best toys ever invented! I was always an independent child, loved playing with Lego until I was sixteen and I credit it with helping me exercise my creativity. I learned to build things which carried into my adult life.

    I'm really glad the kids had such a good time!


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