Monday, March 30, 2015

The Tooth Fairy Fail

Yesterday Anthony lost another tooth. Wow. They are falling out left and right! So awesome. 

As customary in our home, we take out our sacred, semi-creepy tooth fairy pillow, place fallen out tooth inside, then place the sacred, semi-creepy tooth fairly pillow underneath Anthony's sleeping pillow. 

This morning I was separating laundry (bleh!) in our bedroom when Anthony walks in with a very grave look on his face. 

"Mama, I have some very bad news."
"What is it, Anthony?"
"She never came." he said while holding up the tooth fairy pillow. 


I took the pillow from his hands and wrapped my arms around him. My mouth was struggling to find the words. I can't believe I forgot. How awful of me. Shit. My heart sank for him. 

In that moment I had a thought come to me. Now would be the perfect time to tell him there is no tooth fairy. Now is it. He'll understand. He might be sad at first, but I think overall it will make him feel like a big boy to know his Mama and Papa let him in on the secret. Yes. Good idea. I'll tell him and then give him a dollar for his most perfect baby tooth and all will be well. 

And just then, as I opened my mouth to reveal the truth, I shut it again. 

What about Molly? What about when Molly starts loosing teeth....pretty much any time now. Would Anthony keep the tooth fairy secret? Could he? That's a pretty heavy responsibility for a not quite yet 8 year old. He would for sure tell. Maybe not on purpose....though that would likely be the case the first time he got really super mad at Molly. You know how kids can be. I don't want it to be ruined for Molly. She deserves to experience the fun and magic of the tooth fairy too. 

Ok, so I won't tell Anthony the truth. I'll tell him that sometimes the tooth fairy gets so busy she doesn't have time to get to every house in one night. If that ever happens, like it did to me a few times when I was a kid (it never did...thanks mom and dad!....but Anthony doesn't need to know that part), we're supposed to keep it under our pillow until she does come. 

Yes, I'll tell him that. That will work. 

It worked. Sheesh, that was a close one. We're in the clear for a bit longer. One of these days I'll let Anthony in on the secret, but not today. 

I better not let that happen again. Yikes. 

With love,
Mama hauck

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  1. Ha! I knew as I read this that you wouldn't tell Anthony! I can sooo see the look on your face in that moment! :)


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