Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving October, Gearing Up For Party Day!

We are now more than halfway through October. Yikes! How did that happen? October around here means scary movie month. I love it! It also means Halloween decorations, and... 

Our upcoming annual Hauck Halloween Bash!  

It's this Sunday! I've had the date on the books since the beginning of August, lol. 

Spiders webs have been hung.....everywhere. 

Bats are flying in the living room. 

The bathroom received a bloody makeover. 

And bugs....yeah, there are bugs all over the place. 

Outside looks pretty awesome too! So pretty and fall like. 

I'm getting pretty excited! I've got some finishing touches on decorations to do, and we've got some outside yard cleaning to get done. But you bet we'll be ready come party day this weekend! And this year, my dad will be flying in from NY and my sister from CA for a visit. They get here this Saturday afternoon. Perfect timing for Trunk-or-Treat, our party, and half days for the kids next week due to parent-teacher conferences. A good time awaits us this weekend! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Oh wow!!! I love the outside - it looks like a magazine! Can I come? That's cool your dad is visiting and you will see him again in Nov.! :) Can't wait to see you. I miss trick or treating with you.

  2. Looking awesome girl,, sorry to be missing it. Enjoy your time with your Dad and Sarah. Did you get my prior post on your blog about "doing something right"


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