Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Open House

The kiddos had their school open house this afternoon! EEK!  I guess this means summer is over, huh? 

We stopped in at Anthony's classroom first to meet his teacher, find his desk and locker, unload all his school supplies (Oh my gosh, it was A LOT of school supplies!), and fill out some paper work. He got really excited when he found out he was sitting across from one of his friends! So fun to see his face light up. 

Next up was Molly! She was so excited and confident marching down the hall to her classroom. Her teacher greeted us right away and together we found her locker and her desk. Molly was excited when she found out she was sitting next to friends that she knew also! I think that will help with any school jitters she might have (which, surprisingly, she hardly has at....my confident little gal!). 

Even Timothy got in on all the excitement and plopped himself down at a desk when we went to go check out my friend's classroom I helped decorate. Haha! What a cutie pie.  

Now, after all the fun of open house, here we are back at home. Lunch boxes are on the counter and ready to be filled. Clothes and shoes are picked out and school gear is ready and smelling of crayons. Dinner has been eaten and teeth have been brushed. Little ones are about to hit the hay....as are Mama and Papa. 

Am I ready for the chaos that comes with the start of school? No. Am I ready to have a bit more quiet in the house during the day? Yes. 

My sweet Anthony starts 2nd grade tomorrow! I'm so excited for him! Molly will start Kindergarten next Wednesday. We have a special one on one meeting with her teacher tomorrow morning. 

Ready or not, school time is here!!  

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Having familiar friends there will help Anthony and Molly settle in quickly I'm sure. I'm looking forward to hearing new school stories! :)


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