Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mama's Big Helper

Timothy has such an "I'll do it myself!" type of personality. Help him brush his teeth? I don't think so. (I do!) Open the front door for him? Oh hell no! Hahaha He's quite capable of doing everything himself, thank you very much. (Or so he thinks!)

He also gets mad if you ask him to do something and the older two jump in and try to do it instead. Or if you DO ask the older two to do something, he'll get upset that he doesn't get to!  He's also as stubborn as a mule too, that boy! 

But, you know, these are all good things. :) 

His personality makes him such a GOOD little helper. He loves to feed the horse, he loves to help empty the dishwasher, and he loves to help you dump the dustpan into the garbage. He LOVES to bring you your phone when it rings, he loves to open doors for you, he loves to close the fridge for you, and he's not too shabby at wiping up his own messes.   

What a sweetheart! 

Being the great helper that he is, when it was time to help Mama collect all the fallen acorns off the ground so I could use them as decoration, that boy was all over that task! With bucket in hand, he set off to collect as many as he could. Which was a lot! I couldn't resist taking a few photos of him, he looked so darn cute. I've bought him two pairs of his own boots and he still insists on wearing his sister's pink boots, haha. Oh well, whatever makes him happy. 

Together we collected enough to fill two of my old HUGE mason jars! 

Thank you, big helper! We made such a pretty fall decoration for the front porch! You're so awesome! 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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