Friday, May 9, 2014

Upcoming Market Adventure

Tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow!!! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, May 10th, is the opening day of the Goldendale Farmer's Market....and we're going to be a part of it! 

Sammy and I have decided to take the opportunity to set up a booth at the Farmers Market here in Goldendale to see where our crafting through our Goldendale Country Bumpkins takes us!

We've expanded our crafting too. We have been busy, busy making much more than our game boards and playing pieces. We've added coasters, hand painted signs, mason jar wall hangings, and wine/booze racks to our hand crafted products. 

It's taken a lot of work to prepare ourselves for the market, much more than I had anticipated, but we are finally 99.9% ready. And although I'm anxious, we are excited! We took advantage of our nice weather this past Wednesday and practiced setting up our booth. We didn't get out all of our products, and we didn't hang up any of my hand painted signs (what the lattice contraption will be used for), but we got the jist of how we would like to set up and doing so has helped me to feel more relaxed and prepared. 

Sam and I have decided we will be setting up our booth every first and third Saturday of the month while the market is open. This allows us to get our feet wet in the market while still having some free weekends to spend as a family. This month might be a little wonky, being the market starts on the second Saturday of the month, but in general, I think we've got our schedule set.

Wish us luck! I hope we make some sales and I hope the market proves to be the right place and worth while for us! If you are local, stop on by and say hello and show us some support! It would mean the world to us! The Goldendale Farmers Market is located at Ekone Park.

With love,
Mama Hauk

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