Thursday, May 22, 2014

Crazy, Busy, Lovely, Happy Spring

Every Spring I like to get out and take some nice flower photos. Last year, in April, we took a drive down Dalles Mtn Road and I got a few good ones. One of my photos actually ended up in this years Goldendale, WA calendar! 

We've been really busy so far this Spring, and it's kept us from being able to steal away for a nice leisurely photo taking drive. So the next best thing for me is to just head out to our front yard! 

I had a sweet little helper with me too and I just couldn't resist taking a few photos of him as well! 

We are definitely loving our crazy, busy, lovely, happy Spring! Between participating in the Goldendale Farmers Market and working on orders and projects for that, extra end of the school year activities for the kiddos, dealing with allergies and the sickies, and keeping up with the normal day to day house and Mama stuff.....we try really hard to enjoy our down time and take in all the beauty around us. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Busy busy and we'll be adding to it I'm sure...Love Timothy in his "My heart belongs" shirt in that purple field of flowers..

  2. Great spring flower pics!


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