Sunday, December 29, 2013

Finding Bigfoot

Anthony has been really big into Bigfoot for about 6 months now. It all started when he saw an episode of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. Ever since then it's been....

"Wow! Did you just hear that? Yeah....it was a Bigfoot!"

"Mama, I just looked out the window and when I did, I saw a Bigfoot go by!" 

"Did you just see that! It went right in front of the car! It was a Squatch!" 

He literally talks about him EVERY DAY. 

I think it's pretty dang coincidental that Bigfoot seems to be following us around EVERYWHERE we go, yet Anthony is the only one out of the family who sees him. ;) 

As annoying as it can get hearing him go on and on forever and ever everyday about Sasquatch (please don't tell him I said that!!), it's nice to see him so passionate about something at 6 1/2 years old. And I think to myself....one of these days he might not like Bigfoot anymore, or might not believe. He might look back on this time and think the whole thing was silly. I know I'll be sad if and when that time comes. So for now, I'll smile at his Sasquatch sightings and stories. 

A few weeks ago I was telling my friends on FB how excited Anthony was about Bigfoot. And then all of a sudden, a friend is telling me about a Bigfoot presentation and exhibit going on at the Discovery Center in The Dalles, OR on ....just an hour away from where we lived. What are the chances of that!? Sam and I couldn't resist getting the whole family tickets so we could take Anthony. 

We kept it a secret until the moment we walked in the door and Anthony's eyes got soooooo wide once he realized we were at a Bigfoot presentation! We listened to a few guys talk for well over an hour about Bigfoot and all the sightings of him, photos of him, his walk, his feet, all the casts made of his tracks, "wildman" sightings all over the world, etc. etc. The kids were extremely well behaved and poor sick Timothy napped the whole time, thank goodness!

Afterwards they had a little exhibit set up and Anthony wasted no time jumping right in there and flipping through books, staring at photos, checking out the casts of his tracks...and....and...oh my gosh, and then he saw Cliff from the Finding Bigfoot show and he about lost his mind. After Sam and I both positively confirmed that it was indeed the guy from the show (don't want to make a fool of yourself you know...lol) I walked Anthony up to him. Cliff shook his hand, asked how he was, and then handed him a photo card and told him not to tell any adults that he gave it to him. LOL! Anthony was super stoked to have met Cliff and received a gift from him...he told him that we all watch his show and that he loves Bigfoot.  

Yes, we truly made Anthony's day and it just made me so happy to see his smiling face and hear him say thank you a million times over. 

 (Sorry, I cut off the "T" lol) 

Happy Bigfoot hunting!! ;) 

With love,
Mama Hauck

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