Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pinterest Win - Pallet Wood Window Treatment

I'm really thinking I need to start doing posts of all my "pinterest wins".....in other words, recipes and ideas I find on pinterest that I do that turn out well. I am one of those people who actually MAKE and DO what I pin on pinterest. Isn't that the whole point of Pinterest anyway? 

Here is our latest pinterest win. A pallet wood sign made to be a window treatment in the kitchen.

The Pin:

Our creation:

Sammy took apart a pallet to make the board for me. I hopped on the computer and printed out my lettering, blowing it up to the size I wanted using wordpad so I could make a stencil (I wasn't going to chance free handing it!). It took longer than expected to paint because of having to do multiple coats because of the yellow paint, but no biggie. I love it and it fits us perfectly. I sing this song to the kids daily, so it holds a special meaning for us.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. That was the song my Gram always sang to me when I was little :). So cute! I am now addicted to pinterest, just need time to actually do the cute crafts I find lol

  2. Pinterest is great. Love finding fun things on there! I sing it to the kids almost every day. :)


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