Friday, April 19, 2013

What's New in Timothy's World

I keep forgetting to tell everyone that Timothy FINALLY got some teeth, at 10 1/2 months old! His first one pooped in on Easter, and his second one on April 5th. As adorable as his two little teeth are, they have caused a fair amount of pain already. Timothy has accidentally bit his own fingers while eating snacks, he's bit me a few times while nursing...OUCH!...and for some reason he thinks its fun to bite my toes. 

Timothy is such a little explorer. Once he discovered there was a "behind the couch" and he could fit behind there, that became his go-to spot for fun. Can't find the baby? Just check behind one of the couches, he's sure to be back there with a handful of toys banging on the living room window. 

He has a fascination for the dishwasher and fridge. I can't open up either of them without him going in to "turbo charge" mode while crawling so he can get there...fast! I've never seen a baby crawl so quickly. You know he means business when he puts his head down while crawling....turbo charge....it's no joke. Haha And while he might think its fun to pull out the dirty dishes that I'm putting in the dishwasher, it's not. And the fridge, he loves that even more than the dishwasher. Sometimes I open up the fridge so he will go play in that just so I can finish the the dishes!

When Anthony was little, we received a push and ride on walker toy. This toy has been kept and passed down from kiddo to kiddo and it now belongs to Timothy. You should have seen Timothy's face the first time he realized he could walk with it! He pushes it all around the house now, sometimes chasing me with it and giggling when he hits my legs. Not only does he walk with his walker, but he walks with anything he can get to move across the floor....his music table, the kids' little chairs, the big heavy kitchen chairs....he is just a pushing and walking fool. 

Last week he stood all by himself for the first time. It was only for about 3 seconds, but ever since then he's been getting braver and can do it for upwards of 10 seconds, usually on the hard wood floors with no socks on so his tiny toes can grip the floor for balance. And he knows standing by himself is something special that will get him attention too. When he's standing he will look over at you with a big 'ol grin on his face, just so proud of himself, making sure you are looking at him! lol I think he will be walking on his own soon...perhaps before he turns one on May 11th! We'll see!

Not only has Timothy learned to clap and give high-fives (both of which he's been doing for a couple months now), but he's added waving bye-bye to his list of skills. I taught him that. ;) I'm also trying to teach him to say "Mama." He does a lot of babbling and will babble mamamamama, but I won't be writing down "Mama" as his first word until he looks at me and says it intentionally.

Yes, he is one smart cookie. He's learned that if he gives a little whine when something displeases him....like the kids taking a toy away or Molly hugging him and not letting him go....that Mama will come and take care of the situation for him and he'll get what he wants. Haha Sometimes he'll do his cry/scream/whine and look over at me to see if I'm paying attention, as if to say, "Uhhh, Mama...yeah....you want to come take care of this for me? Thanks." And he mock coughs. Yes. He will fake cough after you've been coughing. A mock cough. And Molly taught him to make that "clearing your throat" sound. In fact, she teaches him how to make a lot of annoying sounds. And she and him will just be chasing each other around the house making throat clearing sounds and blowing spit bubbles.

You're something else, Timothy. I love watching you learn and grow.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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