Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Festivities

This afternoon I wanted to write something concerning the most recent events in Connecticut, but my heart can't find the words. Anthony is 5 and in Kindergarten. The same age and grade as many of the children who's lives were taken. I'm heartsick. I can not even begin to imagine. So this afternoon, instead of struggling to find the words to explain my feelings towards such a horrific tragedy, I choose instead to focus on my children's joy over our most recent Christmas activities and be extra thankful to be their Mama.

Last Saturday, Grandma (who was visiting us from CA for a week) and I took the kiddos to a breakfast with Santa shindig going on at the Primary school! Isn't it awesome that the school held this fun activity?  Papa was going to go, but he was ill that day. So other than missing Papa, we had a great time!

We bought our tickets and then promptly got in line for pancakes. Anthony thought it was just oh so funny that his principal was serving us breakfast! hehehe The pancakes and ham were delicious. I probably could have eaten 3 plates worth. Even Timothy dug the meal....I let him try some syrup. ;)

After eating we headed on over to the craft tables they had set up along the side of the cafeteria. I chummed it up with one of my gal pals who was there volunteering while I helped Anth and Mols decorate brown bags to hold their reindeer feed in (oatmeal and glitter!). We'll put our reindeer food out in the yard on Christmas Eve!

Lastly, we took our photo with Santa! I squatted down with Timothy on my lap so he could get in the photo too as I didn't think Santa could hold 3 kiddos....even with such a large lap. It was so funny, Timothy was looking at Santa with this questioning look on his face like, "Who the heck is this guy!?" lol! 

We really enjoyed our breakfast with Santa and I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the activities put on by the school. Anthony, Molly, and Timothy were all so well behaved and it made me happy to see the smiles on their faces that morning.

Later that night Sam was feeling better and we were able to meet our friends Kurt and Tracie at the restaurant Tracie works at for dinner. That night our town held a Christmas parade down main street and where the restaurant is, we had perfect front row seating to watch! We sat at the tables in front of the big front windows and stayed nice and toasty while we watched the parade go by. For being a relatively small town, Goldendale sure put on one heck of a parade! The kids especially loved the horses and all the lights. What a festively fun day we had last Saturday! The kids had such a blast.

This morning Grandma had to leave. The kids were sad, as they always are when family leaves, but we've spent the morning watching Christmas shows and playing, so they're back to their chipper selves. It's been snowing outside for hours now and the kids are excited about that too. I just took a break from this post to get them all dressed up for outside play and snap some photos of them enjoying the snow. Such big grins!!

Tonight we have plans to visit our neighbors Tammy and Leanord. Every year they hold a Christmas party and invite everyone who lives on our road to attend. It should be a fun ending to a mellow day that I am very thankful I get to share with my family.  

With love,
Mama Hauck

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