Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Autumn Photo Shoot

Last weekend I did my first photo shoot since before getting pregnant with Timothy. I was nervous, as I always am, but the shoot went well and I think the photos turned out great. I did them for my new friend Melissa and her family. Her son was on Anthony's soccer team and are good pals now. I'm glad she asked me to do them for her and was more than happy to say yes, especially right now while it's beautiful outside.

It can be hard to photograph children, especially when you want that "posed" photo. They don't always listen to your directions or want to smile or even look in the direction of the camera. Sometimes they're shy or grumpy and don't want anything to do with you! It's challenging to get a good shot when you plop them down and expect them to sit still and smile on cue. What child does that for more than 30 seconds.....if at all? It is much easier to give them something to do to make them forget they're in the middle of a photo shoot. I've discovered bubbles are good for this, as well as playing in the leaves. Throw in a few silly words like, "flubber bubber" or "stinker winker" and hopefully you'll get a smile. In the end, though it was a bit difficult, I managed to get some great shots. Here's a few from the shoot:

After their shoot, I took some photos of us. The kids listened and sat long enough for one family shot, then all bets were off. I got a few good ones of Anth and Mols playing in the leaves, but Timothy wasn't having any of that. And then when I went to get a shot of all three kids in the leaves, Anthony freaked and bailed. Ahh yes, even a photographer's children are difficult. LOL! Here's a few from our shoot:

I have another shoot planned for next Monday for another friend and her family. Unfortunately, I think it'll be too late in the game to head back to the spot where all these photos were taken. Trees change and drop their leaves fast around here. Blink and you've missed your photo opportunity!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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