Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello Preschool!

Molly had her first day of Preschool yesterday! Gosh, she's getting so big! Sweet little girl, she was so excited and all smiles! Unfortunately, Papa couldn't be there to see her off for her first day, so I had to set up my tripod in order to get some photos with her. She loves her little owl backpack she got for her birthday from Mama and Papa, and I even gave her a little Brave Rock like I did for Anthony. When I was done taking photos, Anthony goes, "Mama! You didn't take any of Molly with ME!" So out came the camera again and I got some sweet shots of him hugging her and giving her some encouraging words.

When we got to the preschool, I took a photo of Mols in front of the new Learning Ladder sign. Then it was time to head in! She was proud of her "homework" and couldn't wait to show it off to Mrs. Williams. We all had to trace our hands and then decorate them. We did Timothy's foot though....it's hard to open their little hands up, let alone keep it open flat to trace it! We then found her cubby and hung up her coat and backpack before finding her name card and placing it in a slot on the wall to show she was in attendance. One more photo of Mols and Mama (courtesy of the teacher) followed with a hug and kiss, and then Anthony, Timothy, and I were on our way with hardly a second glance from Molly!

I have to say it was much easier to take Molly to preschool and leave her than it was when I did the same last year (well....and this year too) with Anthony. I know the routine, know the teachers and I trust them. And Mols was VERY READY to go to preschool, she watched Anthony go all the time and of course little sister wants to be like big brother! Anthony, on the other hand, never had any exposure to what school was all about. So all in all I think it made it easier to cope with. I think the first is always the hardest? And everyone after that maybe not so hard?

11 rolled around and it was time to get a move on to pick her up. Dismissal is at 11:30 and it takes me about 20 minutes or so to drive to town. When I got there they were doing story time, so I snapped a few photos. Then the kids were dismissed to all the parents waiting in the hallway one by one. Molly acted so proud of herself when she came out! The whole car ride home I tried getting her to talk about what she did. She told me she played outside and ate a snack, but wouldn't say anything more. She was more concerned about digging through the little goodie bag she had gotten. Anthony was the same way....wouldn't tell me much. What's with these kiddos? Not wanting to talk about school! Guess they're too cool and grown up now to tell their Mama all about their days. I hear that's common though, one of my gal pals told me her daughter said, "I don't want to talk about it." HAHA!

I'm so proud of you Molly! What a big girl going to preschool! I'm excited to watch you learn and grow. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Love, love LOVE! What gorgeous pictures! Oh my gosh - they really capture your kids and you too! Oh man, does seeing you with the bjorn bring back so many memories of bringing my older kids to preschool...always with a little one in the Bjorn or the carseat. Time flies! Congrats Mama - lookin good! xo

  2. Thanks so much! :) The littlest one is always just along for the ride! Haha


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