Monday, September 3, 2012

Family Photos

Happy Labor Day! This weekend has been a good one and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous.

Saturday we got a lot of random house work and projects done. Sam built me some nice shelves for our tea cup collection. It looks great! Next up on our project list is a shelf system for our wine and booze. I also want to get an old rake head to act as a wine glass holder. We also made 2 batches of strawberry jam. Mmmmm it's delicious!

We went to a birthday party yesterday and then had our friends Kurt and Tracie over for a rib dinner. Yum! The guys played some horseshoes and then we all headed inside for a game of Just Dance on Wii (I call it Dancy Dance). I love that game! 

Today we have been busy making apple sauce to jar up. The house smells magnificent! Sammy also managed to score a whole bunch of wood from a neighbor for a VERY good price, so he's been busy cutting it to length so we can FINALLY finish the siding on our barn and start work on finishing the roof. This makes me VERY happy! Later today we have another birthday party to go to. It should be a lot of fun and the kids are looking forward to it.

Tomorrow we're back into the swing of soccer practice and such. I'm going to test drive our new upcoming routine by getting up early to shower then getting Anthony "ready for school" followed by waking Molly up. I need a few days to figure out just how early I need to get up and how much time I'll need in order to get Anthony to the bus stop 3 miles away by 7:20! Mols has her preschool open house on Wednesday and she's super excited about that! I'm thinking we might do a special pizza dinner Wednesday evening in celebration of back to school for Anthony on Thursday.  We'll see. 

Anyway, the whole reason for this post is family photos! We took some a week and a half ago and I think they turned out great. :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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