Friday, January 13, 2012

My Busy (Crafty) Week

This week has been a busy one for me (so please excuse the monster of a post)! I'm definitely ready for a nap. I could probably sleep the whole weekend away. I'm thinking it's a good thing MLK day is Monday and Anthony doesn't have any school that day! I'll need that extra day to recover from this looooooong week. 

Sam had super long days at work on Tuesday and Thursday and didn't make it home till about 7. This means I had super long days on Tuesday and Thursday as well! But it was a fun week! Any free time I usually would have spent on my blog was spent on making these:

So far I've made 13 cotton/chenille burp cloths (3 of which aren't pictured because they are being gifted to my cousin and his wife who are due with their first child in April), 4 wash cloths, and 2 bibs. I think I'm done with the burp cloths, but there are many more wash cloths and bibs to be made. I think this weekend I'll finish those up. I've also got my materials to make a two sided minky blanket with silk trim. I'm nervous about that project, so hopefully it goes well! 

Aren't you proud of my sewing skills!? I am. It's been a lot of fun and I can't wait to catch baby puke with my pretty burp cloths. ;) 

I even surprised myself a few times recently by shaking the sleep from my tired eyes and making dinner....something other than a sandwich or hot dog. Feast your eyes on these goodies: 

Tuna casserole pot pies. I made these with my mini pie maker Sammy got me for Christmas. I've also used it to make apple and raspberry pies so far and everything has turned out delicious! My ideas for this mini pie maker are endless! I'm thinking mac n' cheese pot pies as well as pulled BBQ pork pot pies. YUM!

Chicken, broccoli, and cheese noddle dish. Everything is better topped with cheese. Don't argue with me.

In other news, I received a box of baby goodies purchased off my Registry by my brother's girlfriend. YAY! I was super excited to get it! Every little bit helps me out tremendously! I also got in the mail this week my new changing pad cover, crib skirt, and crib sheets....thus allowing me to spend forever agonizing over different paint swatches. I was finally able to pick out just the right shade of baby blue so hopefully soon I can start painting the walls! I mean, have Sam start painting. ;) I don't think I'll take a photo of Baby/Molly's room until it's all done being made over, so ya'll will just have to wait. I'm tempted to go and buy a few things I've had my eyes on, like a baby book and diaper bag, but no! I'm trying to be sensible with my spending and space it out over the next 18 weeks. Besides, in the past month Anthony has managed to put holes in the knees of all 4 pairs of his jeans so I had to go and buy him new ones. How the heck does that happen!? Boys.

Speaking of Anthony, we had a play date yesterday! His first play date (other than the winter party I threw for him) with one of his pals from school! He was soooooooooooo excited and it swelled my heart to see him having so much fun. We got to his pals house at 1 and spent three hours there. Anthony and Molly ran around and played really well with the two boys while I chatted it up with their Mama. It was AWESOME and I really enjoyed myself. Hopefully there will be more play dates like that in the future. And hopefully I've found myself a new Mama friend. I'm in desperate need of those.

On top of all the busyness that this week was, I also had an appointment with my midwife. Nothing new to share except that I've gained 11 pounds since the start of my pregnancy! Oiy!! But I'm measuring pretty much on track at 21/22 weeks. Baby kicked while she was listening to the heart beat and it was fun to hear the loud thud through the sonogram machine. I'm hoping to have Sam take a video of me getting the heart beat on our sonogram and post it on my blog soon. I think that'll be really fun, I just have to remember! All in all my pregnancy has calmed down in the bleeding drama department and other than being dead exhausted all the time, I feel pretty dang OK and things are going fantastic. I'm really looking forward to the next 18 weeks being mellow and filled with tons of kicks and squirms from Baby. :)

Snow is in the forecast for us this weekend, so we'll see if it really comes. As long as it doesn't interfere with me getting Anthony to and from school I don't mind all that much.....though I really have been enjoying not having any snow. Sammy has plans for this Saturday. My sweet gal pal that moved away and left me :( is having a music gig with her band at a bar and grill Saturday evening and she invited us all. Unfortunately it's in her town, an hour and a half away from us, and it's not till 7:30/8 at night. So I will be staying home with the kids while Sam goes. I think its important for him to go see her and get some hang time with her husband (who happens to be Sam's really good friend) and I'll take a rein check for next time. I'm thinking movies and junk food with the kids then an early bed time.

Whew! I think that's all the news for this week! Have a good weekend!

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. Busy is good though! I'm glad you're doing well. You sewed all those by hand?! Wow, i can barely sew a button on lol. Uh yes, cheese on everything please :) YOu can cook me dinner anytime. I made a frozen bag dinner last night lol


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