Friday, November 4, 2011

So Flippin' Excited!!

Remember when I told ya'll about how Sammy and I went on a Murder Mystery train ride? Read about it by clicking HERE. Well the same train station, The Mount Hood Railroad, puts on all sorts of different shows. In November and December they put on The Polar Express show and I BOUGHT TICKETS on Thursday! Whoop!!!!! Sammy, the kiddos and I will be boarding Saturday, December 17th for the 4:30 ride.

AHHH!!! I'm so excited. It's going to truly kick-ass. On the ride the kids will get their "golden ticket" punched, lol. The Polar Express book will be read and music from the movie will be played in the passenger cars. Apparently the passenger cars will be decorated for Christmas too, adding that little extra something special to the atmosphere. :) We all get a mug of hot chocolate and a gourmet cookie. On the ride back Santa comes on and meets and greets each kid and gives them a bell as a gift. The only thing I'm bummed about is no meal being served. So we'll have to pack our own drinks and snacks. It would have been awesome for a meal or at least a snack (more than the hot chocolate and cookie) to be served. 

The kids are going to flip when we pull up to the train station and tell them we are getting on!!! I'm really excited to watch them during the show. I hope they are excited and love it! It'll be really nice for us to do this special treat as a family. :) The kids have never done anything like this and I hope they find it magical.

If you want to check out the Polar Express site, click HERE. There are 4 different passenger cars, which of course come with 4 different price tags. I didn't want to do coach, which was the cheapest, and certainly couldn't afford the upper dome, which is the most expensive....even though it was the one that I really wanted!! So instead we will be in the lower dome. The last choice was the parlor car, which is the same price as the one we will be in, but I didn't like the seating. So hopefully we will be very happy with the lower dome seating. Woot! I'm so stoked!!!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I've been wanting to do that for a few years now but I never seem to catch the tickets before they sell out! Hope you guys have fun!! I need to look and see if it's coming to our area again this year and maybe I'll actually be able to get tics this time!

  2. Omg! That sounds sooo fun! I'm sure your kids will have a blast!!!! Have fun!

  3. I hope you get to go this year too!!

    Thanks!! I'm pretty dang excited, if you couldn't tell. ;)

  4. awesome! I bet they will love it :D


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