Monday, November 7, 2011

Finally Barn Pics!

We had a very pleasant weekend. Saturday I did my best to relax while Sam worked outside with the kids for a good chunk of the day. Later, while they took a nap, we watched a scary movie we had intend to watch on Halloween, but I wasn't feeling well that day. After the kids woke up from their nap, we surprised them with a trip to our town's pizza joint for dinner. This made them very happy kiddos! :) Sunday afternoon we cleaned up and winterized the barn, house, and yard. The place looks great and I finally took photos of the barn like I promised ya'll!!! After I was extremely exhausted, so we enjoyed another fire and roasted more marshmallows and ate smores. I made Sam a Reece's smore, yum! Sammy and I had a good time sitting by the fire while Anthony and Molly ran around playing "animal shoot." LOL It was a pretty cold day, but lovely none the less.

A funny story to share.....

One of the elements on our hot water heater burned out. This seems to happen to us every year. In order to replace it, we have to drain the tank. We do this by draining it by way of a hose while blowing air into it with our shop vac. Always works like a charm. This time, however, Sam left me in charge to check in on the progress every 10 minutes or so while he ran to town Saturday morning. After checking on it a few times, I settled back on the couch to snuggle with Anthony. All of a sudden the lights flicker and I hear the shop vac turn off. I go into our bathroom and see smoke and sparks flying out of the top and black ash everywhere. AHHH!!!! I unplugged it from the wall and tried my best to get it the hell out of the bathroom without panicking too much as smoke and ash were sputtering in my face. I half expect the sparks that were sporadically coming from it to catch my eyebrows on fire as well as my bedroom. I got it to the living room and Anthony started to freak because of the smell. He later told me we needed a new house because out house smelled bad, lol. I finally get it outside and come back in to access the damage. The house smelled horrible. Our bathroom was just putrid smelling and smoke and ash were covering the floor and sink. It was definitely a scary moment. I shouldn't have lifted the shop vac, but I had no choice. Sam can thank my killer bowflex guns for not burning the house down. ;) When Sam got home he cleaned up the mess and we had to air the house out for the rest of the day.

And now onto the pics!

360 view of the barn. Front, back, and both sides. The tack room and back of barn is complete. The front of the stall still needs a few panels of wood to complete the half wall and the side of the stall needs the batten over the boards (to create the board and batten look). That all will get done come spring. We've got a nifty water system going on. Hose is in back of the barn and it connects to tubing that runs up and over and down the front of the barn into Nik's trough that has a water heater in it to prevent freezing. Gravity will prevent water from staying in the hose and tube and freezing. Only little things here or there to finish up come spring. It's great to have things done for the year and see Nik enjoying his new space. 

Tack room! Almost completely full with hay. Nik's all set for the winter. Like how I have everything red? Lead ropes, lunge line, cross ties, halter, blanket bag and saddle cover. :) On the other wall of the tack room Sam has made handy storage shelves and hooks for tools and such. We also have a radio that we leave on for Nik. He likes it. 

Nik's stall. We got a hay rack positioned under the window so we just have to plop the hay through the window when in the tack room. Pretty convenient. Next year we will finish the inside with siding. 

Dirty, fluffy Nik. He's gotten his winter coat, so goodbye to his beautiful brown spots! 

My little gal being mischievous.  Hehehe

With love,
Mama Hauck

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