Monday, September 5, 2011

Deschutes River Park Fun

We have a young gal who lives on our road and it was her birthday yesterday. We stopped work on the barn long enough to spend a handful of hours down by the Deschutes River where she was having a little birthday party with family, other neighbors, and friends. They kids had a BLAST! I brought my bathing suit, but never got in the water....it was far to cold for me! I gave Sam the charge of taking the kids in the water and he happily obliged. I got some sweet photos of the kids sitting on a rock enjoying the sunshine and water. It was beautiful there and we had such a good time! A lot of the older kids got on their rafts and floated down the river a ways. After some water play we ate burgers and hot dogs then let the kids run off into the field and play. It was interesting to watch Anthony interact with the older boys there, it took him a long time to warm up, but he wanted to play with them so dang badly he got over his shyness and wound up playing right along side them. It was fantastic and I was so proud of him! I have naturally shy kiddos, lol. We stayed long enough for Anthony to take a couple swings at the pinata they had. Mols didn't want to, though I would have loved to have seen her give it a go! We got one family shot, a group shot, and a photo of Sam and I before hitting the road back home.....where, you guessed it, we got right back to working on the barn. :)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Fun party! You have such a beautiful family, your kiddos are just so darn adorable!


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