Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Want To Live On The OR Coast Part II

Friday, the 29th, I awoke with my eyes sealed shut with eye gunk....and still barely a voice.  Sammy made me a tea with lemon juice and honey....something I would live off of until we left Sunday. I scraped myself together well enough to go crabbing on the Tillamook bay with Sam, Tim, and Tim's dad Mike. SO MUCH FUN!! We spent hours out on the boat crabbing, snacking, and enjoying a few drinks. Total bliss.  At one point we anchored down so we could kill time and let the crab pots soak and we get out on the beach to search for agates, driftwood, shells, and sea glass. If I could live this life every day, I would. How relaxing it was to comb the beach for treasures on a beautiful day with the sun beating down on you. It was gorgeous out and I enjoyed listening to the birds, boats, and water as I strolled on the beach in my bathing suit.

By the end of our crabbing adventure, I think we had caught 5 keepers. We headed back to the beach house where Tim's other family members were starting filter in. We said our hellos, I got cleaned up, then went and took photos of Tim cleaning the crab. Pretty dang cool. Everyone settled in and chummed it up, relaxing around the fire. Our friends (My gal pal Mariah, her husband Ben, and Mariah's sister Beth) showed up later that night and the evening was spent eating, drinking, and listening to music around the fire. At one point Sam, me, Tim, Ben, Mariah, and Beth went for a long, leisurely stroll down the road just talking and looking up at the sky, enjoying the night. Once we got back to the house I had to be a party pooper and crash early in the hopes that Saturday would find me with a returned voice and eyes that didn't look like I had a disease. I felt embarrassed with my sickly looking eyes and non existent voice trying to talk and be part of the group, lol, Tim's family must have thought I was dying of something. 

Saturday, the 30th, THE BIG DAY!!! My eyes weren't nearly as bad as they were Friday gunk wise, but still pretty red and ugly looking. *sigh* But, I did have my voice back and over all I was feeling ok. We had had plans to wake up super early and go clamming, but that never happened. I was up early and ready, but no one else was, lol. So instead once everyone was awake, we decided we'd go up to Seaside, another coastal town, and walk the shops and such. Ben had an appointment to get a tattoo (at the same place I got my tattoo....the "Do not fear tomorrow, God is already there") so Sam and I thought it would be fun to tag along with Ben, Mariah, and Beth to Seaside for awhile. Click here to check it out!  We got there and hit up a few shops before stopping in at Doogers Seafood and Grill Click here to check it out! for lunch.  I got the fried clam strips, oh sooooo good! After wards Sammy and I split from the gang as they were soon off to have Ben get his tattoo anyways. Sam and I went in a few more shops, picked up a few items, then headed for the beach which was at the end of the long boardwalk filled with shops. The beach was really crowded, so we didn't go down, we just people watched for a while. 

We then hit the road back to the beach house. We took a short rest before heading into town where the Garibaldi Days (a town celebration) was going on and we went to all the craft booths. I got myself a gorgeous mother of pearl and sterling silver leaf charm. I'll have to take a photo of it sometime to show ya'll. I got an elephant's ear and we walked around a bit more before heading back. Soon enough everyone was starting to filter back in from their day's adventure and everyone was ready to get this crab boil going! Drinks were gotten out.....I may or may not have taken a few shots of fireball and was feeling great, lol.....everyone was chumming it up, laughing,and having a grand 'ol time. It was awesome. I'm only sorry I wasn't on my game and didn't get very many photos of the whole reason we were at the beach house....the crab boil! Ahhh well. The crab were cook and I swear devoured in 5 minutes. SO DELICIOUS. The night ended with a pretty sweet fireworks display. Sammy and I were party poopers again and went to bed when the fireworks were done. The evenings always found me feeling the worst and at this point my lungs were starting to hurt. Booo.

Sunday, the 31st, was head home day. :( Sammy and I got up early to clean the room we were staying in and pack our belongings up. Tim's mom made a killer breakfast and we sat around outside enjoying our last morning there. My lungs were killing me. It felt as if I was slowly suffocating and it hurt to breath deeply, cough, burp, swallow, etc. UGH. Once everyone else woke up we said our goodbyes and got on the road, I didn't want to sit there and complain of being in pain and suffer in front of everyone, lol. We hit up the grocery store for some road snacks then decided to make one last trip to the beach. I am SO GLAD we did this. Not only did I get some awesome shots, but it was so incredibly relaxing to just lay there. We grabbed our big blanket from the car and laid out on the sand for a good hour. It was heaven, I'm telling you. Only a few people were out on the beach, so it felt so peaceful and serene. I took lots of photos while Sam collected more wood and sea shells. We're planning on making a sea shell mobile for Molly's room as well as other little projects. I'll show ya'll once they are done. Get excited!!! :) We're waiting on a special small drill bit to show up in the mail so we can delicately drill holes in the shells and wood. After our time on the beach, we booked it home.

The coast has my heart.  

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Dude, epic post. I love these photos. No wait, I loove these photos.

    That's not it.

    I loooooove these photos! (Yeah, that's it).

    I can SO relate to the lure of the coast. I mentioned before I'm half Down Easterner (Nova Scotia). There's something about the beach, the gulls, the sound of the waves, it....just has this affect, y'know? It's like coming home.

    I like the shot of Sam standing on the boat by the engine, looks like he's having a great time! My favourite photo in this post though is the side shot of you sitting outstretched on the piece of driftwood (what a fantastic picture), followed by the eleventh last shot. I love the colour saturation.

    It sucks that you weren't feeling well but I'm glad you two had a chance to get away.

  2. I know it, looking at all my photos makes me wish I was back there just sitting on the beach taking it all in. It's an indescribable feeling of calmness that washes over me. Like everything is going to be ok and I shouldn't fear the future. I love it. It makes me miss living on Whidbey Island. Yeah, haha! He was getting ready to pull up a crab pot in that photo. That beach shot is my favorite. I forsee maybe selling some copies once i get my act together and get it posted on etsy.

  3. Definitely Becca, it's gorgeous. Whether behind the lens or in front of it you never seem to take a bad picture.


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