Monday, July 25, 2011


I feel like poop, poop, poop today. :( This morning I woke up not feeling so hot and it's turned into a rotten fever and body aches. I can't seem to convince my body to move, I'm so weak and tired. Sucks. I haven't the time to feel like poop! I have clothing to pack (for our super duper rad trip to the OR coast from tomorrow evening until Sunday evening with a bunch of friends at our good pal's beach house!!!!), laundry to do, e-mails to catch up on, pictures to work on, blog posts to catch up on, etc. etc. I wont be doing any of that today I'm afraid (except for this blog post). I'm REALLY hoping tomorrow will have me feeling well again so I can get crap done and continue on to the beach as planned when Sam gets off work. 

In other news, last Wednesday my mom, her husband, and my sister were here from CA for a visit. Wednesday my mom, sister, me and my gal pal went out for a few drinks at The Windy Ridge and then to a friend's place for a bit to play cards. Thursday we all took turns riding my horsey Nik and hung out all day. Friday we hit up the library for their weekly summer activity with my gal pal and her boys. Later that evening my mom watched Anthony and Molly, as well as my gal pal's 2 boys so that we could get together with a group of our friends for a freaken  kick-ass night of Dance Dance Revolution (on Wii), drinks and snacks. Saturday we went for a long scenic drive to Trout Lake, WA for fun and to get some shots of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. We packed a cooler and made a day trip of it. Sunday we all took turns riding Nik in the morning and then kicked back and relaxed the rest of the day. Molly wound up getting a fever and having a really hard time last night, but that didn't stop my family from heading back to CA this morning with Anthony and Molly in tow. They will be with them visiting for 2 weeks! Hence the reason Sam and I are able to make this fun trip to the OR coast. Hopefully with having the kids gone next week as well, I'll be able to get a lot of things done I've been putting off and having a hard time finding the time to do. .....like e-mails, blogs, and continuing work on the barn (with pics of the barn too!!).

Girls night out

Friend get together

Ok....that's about as much as I can muster right now. My bed is calling my name. *sigh* I hate feeling sickly. :(

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Hope you're feeling better Becca. The trip sounds great!! :)

  2. DAMN GIRL! Look at those quad muscles! Have u been doing the boflex or is it from horseback riding?! Give me your tips lol mine are jiggly.
    Have fun on your trip to OR, call me sometime u are free. I wish I was there to Dance dance with ya :)

  3. OMG, check out those legs. Looking good girl! ;)

  4. Been slacking on the bowflex actually! But have been busy running around with the kids and such and doing yard work. :)

    Thank you!

    I'm feeling a bit better. Can't wait for the coast!!


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