Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Picture Overload

We had a super weekend!

Saturday I got my hair done. Cut and highlights.....blond and a reddish/brown. I LOVE IT. I definitely needed a change. Before I left the hair dresser curled it....I'm not a HUGE fan of the curling, but suppose I could get use to that look. I think for now I'll stick with my flat iron. It was absolutely sunny and gorgeous out, so the rest of the day consisted of relaxing by the pool (or trying to relax....hard when every other minute you're suffering from a near heart attack courtesy of the bad combination of children and an open pool), playing, hot tubing (yay!), eating, drinking delicious fruit concoctions, etc. etc. Sam helped Mike with a project or two and made a special trip to the meat market before jumping in the pool to play target practice with the kids and their foam water cannons. Anthony and Molly had a great time running around and figuring out what trouble they could get into, lol. I sipped on my fantastic mango drinky drink while soaking up the sun in my $10 swimsuit pretending I was on an island somewhere. :)

Sunday was considerably less sunny than Saturday, though still warm out. In the morning the kids played and salted slugs while the rest of us relaxed at the bistro table outside, had a couple margaritas, and listened to the Breakfast with the Beatles radio show they play every Sunday morning. Joanie and I decided to try a new hair do on Molly so she got pigtails. OMG. I've never seen a little gal look so cute before....I couldn't stop watching my sweet baby gal running around pig tails all bouncing. After laying Mols down for a nap, Sam and I went to Kohls with Anthony so I could pick up some nice summer tops. Not an easy task for me seeing as I'm a tank top and t-shirt kind of Mama. Never the less, I left pretty stoked with my finds and can't wait to show them off. :) Anthony got a much needed pair of sandals and Sam got a few items as well. After we returned it was more outside play, spaghetti for dinner, then DQ ice cream while watching Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino.

Monday we took our time getting things packed up and eating breakfast before we hit the road and headed home. When we got home round abouts 3, we discovered our dogs had gotten in a fight with each other. This has happened one other time after their collars got stuck together. By their wounds, it looks like that happened again this time. UGH. Both are pretty beat up and still licking their wounds today. All was well with Nik and he seemed happy to see us, giving me horsey kisses and following Sam and I around the barn and arena. 

And so our weekend getaway comes to an end and we're back on our regular schedule. Boo! It's the second Wednesday of the month tomorrow, so that means the kids and I get to go to the library! We've got a play date at the park after with my two new Mama friends Brie and Molly. I'm hoping sometime this week Sam can get one of his pals over again to help work more on the lean-to. Other than that, I don't think anything special is in store for this week, but you never know!

With love,
Mama Hauck