Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anthony's Birthday 06-27-11

My little guy turned 4 on Monday!! Sam snuck balloons into his bedroom before he had to go to work, so it was a sweet surprise for Anthony to wake up too. We were suppose to hang out with my gal pal and her two boys, but she wasn't feeling well. So instead I took Anthony and Molly to Dairy Queen for lunch and then we headed to the park where we ate our ice cream, ran and jumped and played, and drew on the sidewalk with chalk. :) I even wrote a special message for Anthony, lol. After the park we ran a few errands and then headed on home for a short nap and outside play time. When Papa got home we went to the pizza parlor in town and pigged out and played arcade games. Anthony was so freaken stoked! He loves going there. We went on a short drive afterward before heading home to eat ice cream cake and let Anthony open up all his b-day cards we had set aside so he would have something to open on his b-day. It was such a gorgeous warm and sunny day out! All day I kept reminding Anthony that it was his special birthday and he'd get this shit eating grin on his face, haha.


With love,
Mama Hauck 


  1. aww ! the doggie card from aunt Jill! :)
    I love the first photo and the 2nd one with Molly's ice-cream face is adorable!
    I remember Anth didn't wanna leave the pizza place when we went lol. "mama, can we get the gun mama? the gun mama!!!" lol

  2. He was excited about the dog, lol. Yeah...he's a little better with leaving now, but still would stay for hours if we let him!


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