Monday, May 16, 2011

Nick's Visit

Sammy had a great visit with his friend Nick last week. Nick got in late Monday night and then took off Tuesday morning for the tri-cities to spend the day with family he had there. Tuesday I had a play date with my new friend Brie and her son Kias. I met them at the library a while ago and she and her husband actually live out by us. Hooray! They are super sweet and I'm glad to have them close by. Nick returned back to our house Wednesday morning. Sam was able to take a half day and make it to the library with us. The library schedule changes now.....instead of being able to go every Wednesday and do our story time, it'll only happen the 2nd wednesday of every month this summer. Sucks. :( But they do have a few other fun things going on periodically throughout the summer like a reptile show and ice cream social. That'll be fun. After the library we all headed over to the park. Brie, her husband Jacob, and their son Kias came, as well as another new gal pal, Molly and her daughter Jocelyn.  I got some cute pictures of the Anthony and Molly playing in the flowers as well as a cool shot of  Nick skateboarding. All in all it was a fun and successful park visit!

After the park we headed on home. We spent the remainder of the day playing outside while Sam and Nick spent a great deal of time chumming it up and sharing memories and old stories while hanging out in the shop. It was nice to see two old friends reconnect.

Thursday was awesome. We ate breakfast burritos for breakfast and then hopped in Nick's truck for a long leisurely drive out to Sam's work site. We took some back roads, stopping to take photos along the way. Once we got to site, we were able to drive right up to a turbine so Nick could get out and take photos. I hung out in the truck with the kids and fed them snacks to keep them happy....they were getting a little restless, lol. He headed back home a different way, down a road I frequently visit to take photos, and stopped at an old broken down house. We let the kids out to run around and just hung out there for quiet a while and took more photos. Nick is quite the photographer so he definitely enjoyed the drive and opportunity to see where Sam works. 

After getting back home we grabbed some lunch and relaxed for a bit before heading over to see the horse. It was my first time getting back on after getting bucked off and the saddle kept rubbing against my still hideously looking and painful bruise. Ugh. Sam got on for a bit and Nick even got on. He'd never ridden a horse before, so it was cool to give him that experience. The night ended with homemade chili, YUM!

Friday afternoon Nick got back on the road and headed back home to CA. We were sad to see him leave. Sam had such a great visit with him, although it was far to short. That night my friend Mariah called to invite us out to dinner with them and some other friend's. Since the restaurant we went to is also a bar, we were asked to leave by 9:30 because of the kids. That sucked. But we headed on over to a Mexican restaurant with Mariah, her husband, and their two boys to get in some more hang out time while leaving the childless friends at the other place, haha. 

Saturday it was yard work,  yard work, and more yard work in the morning. Does it ever end? I was thankful it was sunny and exceptionally warm out. I ran around with the kids and even got a little sun bathing in. Come afternoon it was time to head to a friend's house for a going away shindig. The kids ran around while we ate some lunch and Sam and other co-workers said bye to the guy who was moving. Then it was off to The Dalles to buy poor little Mols some new shoes. Sweet little thing had to show me a boo boo on her foot done by shoes that were getting too small. :( On our way there it started to storm. Like massive down pour complete with thunder and lighting. Pretty cool until we started remembering we left the chain saw out in the yard, the windows rolled down on the car, and most importantly......the dogs outside in the kennel. Ugh. They were NOT happy when we got home later that night, haha. After a little shopping getting Molly some sweet new kicks, we met up with my friend Mariah and her family who also happened to be in The Dalles. We decided to spend the evening together and headedto K-mart. It must have been a hilarious sight watching 4 adults and 4 giggling children running across the parking lot in the pouring rain trying not to crash and burn in the huge puddles. The kids LOVED it.  We frolicked around K-mart together for a good while. Hahaha, that made for a good time. I think we spent an hour in the toy section. We also went out to dinner at Spooky's and got mean mugged by a grumpy lady, visibly unhappy with the fact we had four children acting exactly like children.....unable to sit still in their chairs, playing peek a boo, being loud and giddy. Ah well. We had a blast anyway and my burger and coffee were freaken delicious. No mean mugging was going to change my exceptionally good mood. :)

Sunday was our day of rest. We caught up on housework and watched movies. I surely needed the relax time yesterday because this week is going to be a busy and long one for me. I've actually got to get my butt in gear.....I have to drive close to an hour and a half to take Anthony to a doctor appointment today. *sigh* Not my idea of fun. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. UFFF DDAAHHH!!! That was a long monster post, but love to read and get all caught up! Thanks!
    Sounds like Sam had a great time, weird that the bar asked you guys to leave so early? I know what you mean about Dr/Dentist apts. Had 2 today with the kids and not my idea of fun either! The library story hours changes suck, but they do that here too because most families have stuff going on in the summer, vacations, time at home in pools, summer camp ect. I know this because when I took my kids I asked. Maybe the same is true out where you live too.

    I was able to get some yard work done FINALLY the rain stopped long enough on Sunday that I got all of my Hosta's split and done on the other side of my house, weeded both beds, dug out all of the old dry lilly's and put mulch down around everything. I also planted my tomatoes & peppers (inside) and will move those along with all of my other plants after the first of June. Last year I made the mistake of doing it a week too early and all of my tomatoes died. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN this year!!

    My writing class is done, but I'm looking into some summer stuff. I've already started on my second story.

    Hope the rest of your week is grand!

  2. wow you have been busy girl!! :) Glad u got on Nik again, u are brave! :) My dance recital is Sun. so it's been busy for me too around here.

  3. Lori, Sam did have a great time! Wish his friend could have stayed longer though. Yeah....no kids in the place after 9:30 cause of the bar. Booo! I love it there anyway. It's unfortunate about the library....the kids looked forward to it every wednesday. But now we'll just have to find other ways to get out of the house and fill the time. Glad you were able to get all that yard work done! That seems like a lot!!! I'm crossing my fingers for nice weather this weekend so we can do more work in the yard. Congrats on starting your second story!!

    Jill, I have been SUPER busy. Seems May-July is usually super busy for me. Hope your dance recital goes well!!

  4. Ahhh, I hate the looks when you take kids out to eat, like 1. They're not kids and 2. They can't go out to eat. Makes me mad!

    Sounds like you're doing a lot of what we're doing around here. Parenting, socializing and yard work :)

  5. I know it!! People with kids are allowed to go out in public too!

    lol always the same 'ol stuff!


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