Monday, April 4, 2011

Tattoo/Friend's Homecoming Weekend

The kids come home TOMORROW!!!! If I'm slacking a bit in posts this coming week, that's why. I'm SO FREAKEN STOKED!! My mom and sister are driving the kiddos home and will be staying with us till Sunday. I'm looking forward to the visit from my mom and sister, but even more excited to finally have my babies home with me. I can't wait to see them and wrap my arms around them and smother them with kisses! It's been hard having them gone from me for so long.....though I have enjoyed the 'me' time.

Suppose ya'll want to see my new tattoo? ;)

Sammy and I left the house Friday morning and got to our old tattoo shop in Bellingham, WA round abouts 3. We had some time to kill so we went in a few shops and grabbed a bite to eat. When we got to Old School Tattoo, I handed Lee, my tattoo artist, a photo of what I wanted and he drew it up and made it bigger. We started at 4 and finished at 9:30. That is a loooooong time!!! It was so incredibly painful....like, worst pain of my life. I sweat through all my clothes and had to change into shorts, haha. I don't cry.....I just sweat! The last hour or so was the worst. My little body was just DONE and I couldn't control my whole body shaking. But you know, it was worth it! I'm really impressed with my tattoo artist's work and absolutely love it....it turned out far better than I had hoped. Sam got work done on his sleeve and his turned out great too.

After our tattoos we headed straight for Wendy's to get me something to eat and then headed to our friend's place for the night and crashed. Saturday was spent hitting up a few stores and driving around our old town taking in the sights. Made me sad. :( By 5 it was time to get our party on! Our good friend has been out on the boat for 7 months and recently made it back home to his wife and kids. It was awesome that our tattoos were scheduled the same weekend as his homecoming party. I gorged myself on homemade onion bread with onion dip, pasta salad, chips, and chicken wings. Then washed it all down with one (or a few) of my new favorite drink.....blueberry vodka mixed with whipped vodka. MMMMmmmm!! Tasty. It was nice to chit chat with a few gals (one of them being pregnant.....so you know I had much to say to her, haha) while Sam and the other guys had a good time tending the bonfire. It was a good night. 
Sunday we hit the road for home. We took the ferry and I enjoyed a delicious pretzel with cheese. :) As a special treat I was able to do a little shopping at a mall. We got home at abouts 7 and relaxed the night away.

Great couple of days! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. OUCH!!! Looks painful, but pretty! I don't even have one so I can't imagine the pain!

    How was the kids homecoming?? It seems like it's been a really long time? But you made good use of your time off!

    How's that Bow-Flex body going? You look good in your pictures!!

  2. Looks Great!!! Old Schools the best!!

  3. u look so skin girl! I'm glad u had fun with your "me" time.

  4. Lori, lets just say I've been slacking when it comes to the Bow-flex. lol But thank you! I hope to get back into my regular routine. :) And yeah, the kids were gone for 2 weeks. I thought I'd be able to relax more, but I was super busy working on my photography shop! No bubble baths and Cosmopolitan magazines for me.

    Anonymous, YES!! Old School is the BEST!

    Jill, Hahaha. I did....as much as I could anyway with out you here. :(


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