Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oregon Coast Photos

Here are the photos from our Oregon Coast trip two weekends ago I said I wanted to share with you!

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Beautiful photos... I envy you for the time you spend with your kids. I'm working part-time and always feel guilty about leaving Renzo each time I have to go to work with a nanny.


  2. I love the pictures, as always! They're beautiful! By yourself that long? Oh my goodness girl take advantage, lol! I understand I'd definitely be missing my kids too. But I'd be trying to have some fun too! :) You and hubby should have almost a whole week alone too right? Awesome!! HAVE FUN :)

  3. Thank you, Joy! I know of many moms who share the same feelings. Its so very hard to leave our little ones. :( I'm very thankful I've been able to stay home with them thus far.

    Thanks, Mandy! Really missing the kids, but trying to get all the things done I've been wanting to that has been difficult to do when the kids are around. Definitely taking advantage of my free time! And yes, Sammy and I will have some time alone before the kids come back. We will be making a trip to our old town to visit a close friend who just got back from a 7 month cruise in the Navy. :)

  4. Savour these moments while they last Bec. You'll long for them on days when you're stressed and wishing for some quiet "you-time".

    Can't wait to see your new ink! I was talking about this exact thing with one of the girls at work (definitely one of our milder conversations!), how we both like the look of writing across the back/ shoulders area. Hope you chose a nice script! :)


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