Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some Day...

Little Pearls,

You might not understand it now, but even if I could hold on to you for forever and a day, it just wouldn't be enough. Some day you will know what I mean. Some day you will see the beauty that I see. And some day you will realize that all of God's light is hidden behind two sparkling eyes.

With love,


  1. Children are a wonder, one of life's greatest gifts. Yet these two pearls don't shine on their own. It takes a mother's love to fill their tiny hearts born waiting, they know no different than to celebrate the part of you living inside them by loving in return.

    Tiny eyes, ears and hearts approach life with purity, unconditionally accepting that what they're shown is as it should be. My heart swells to the point of bursting, I swear to God, whenever I see these emotions radiate from you Becca. Because I know that no matter what Anthony and Molly become in life, they'll carry you with them always.


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