Friday, May 7, 2010

Mama's Day Wish List

*My hubby to NOT be on call for work this weekend. :(

*A hot bubble bath that isn't interrupted by children either needing to go potty or looking to join me in the tub.

*A yummy alcoholic beverage.

*New bathroom towels. Heck, make that a new bathroom. :)

*More sleep.....sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

*Sunshine and warm weather. Perfect for frolicking around outside having a dandy 'ol time!

*No sick kiddos and no sick Mama.....can we lick these colds by then? *sigh* I hope!!

*Cake. Or brownies....or ice cream, etc. ;)

*No laundry, no dishes, no sweeping, no vacuuming.

*A big 'ol hug and kiss from my babies and hubby.

*A day off from diaper changing duty and potty escort duty.

*A full body massage with lavender oil.

*No meltdowns, only laughter and smiles (totally wishful thinking!! haha).

*Breakfast in bed. Pancakes, please! 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Hope you get everything you want!!! :-)

  2. I hope you get your breakfast in bed, pancakes...yummy! I too hope you get those wonderful extra hugs and kisses! Sweet!

    My mothers day wishes are simple too.

    Free from laundry or dishes for a day.
    A meal cooked for ME for once!!
    Maybe lunch at my favorite place.
    A trip to the zoo, an afternoon with my guys!
    NEW slippers! (I LOVE them and collect them)
    A wonderful home-made card from my boys.
    Just a "Happy Mothers Day" in the morning!!

  3. Lori! I love your list! And I love slippers too! hehehe Hope your Mothers Day rocked! ;)

    Sweet August, I was just about to write up a post to tell you! :) hehehe

  4. I can bring you some alch haha
    That's funny you said you wanted cake and Sam got you one! Does he read your blog? hehe

  5. LOL, he does read my blog. But as for knowing to get me some cake, he's just good like that. ;)


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