Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Packing For A Toddler

So I've got to start thinking about packing for Anthony. Remember I said he was going with my husband on a little adventure to Montana the last week of the month? Yeah, Sammy wanted to go visit some family and he only wanted to take Anthony. *sigh* Papa and son trip? That's fine. I'm all for it. But I will admit I'm feeling a little left out. I want to go on a trip! What will Molly and I do for a week? I've compiled a list of things I hope to do....

Go shopping for the kiddos birthday party supplies and a clothes hamper for Molly

Get in some GOOD sleep (please, Molly??)

Teach Molly to walk

Get a tan

Visit our friend Jessie and her adorable daughter Maddie

Maybe visit a Mama who is due to have her baby on the 22nd? COME OUT BABY!! :)

Paint the bathroom

Read Cosmo

Teach the dogs to patrol the perimeter of our property and put ammo in the gun (for all those crazies who might come around....I'll be ready!)

Read blogs and make comments

Loose a pound

Teach Molly to say "Papa"

Work on photos and other photo related projects

Paint Anthony's room a new shade of green

Miss my hubby and son

Hopefully Molly will be a good girl. Honestly, I'm concerned I'm not going to be able to entertain her enough! Anthony is, for the most part, such a good play mate and I depend on him to help play with and entertain Mols. I think she's going to get bored with me! And when she gets bored, she gets grumpy and when she gets grumpy, Mama gets grumpy. Boy oh boy, it might be a loooong week next week.

Ok, so even though I'm not going on this grand adventure, I've got to pack for it. When packing for a baby or child, it's almost like packing the whole dang house! This is Anthony's pack list....


Undies-8 and pull ups for night time and the long drive there and back....potty training will continue, even when Mama isn't around. :)


Long sleeved shirt-1



Nice collard shirt-2



Hat- 1



Book to read

A couple hotwheels to play with

Brand spankin' new helmet for dirt bike/4-wheeling

Bath soap



Eczema face cream

Hair gel




Juice cup

Milk cup

Apple juice


Other tasty snacks and foods

Yummy sandwiches for the road

I'm sure I've left something out....but I'll think of it and pack it. I told Sammy I'm not packing his stuff this time. LOL

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Hey Mama!

    So glad you got the pictures!!!

    Who is Sammy going to visit? My in-laws Tim & Connie?

    Packing for a young one is tough. I feel for you. I have this "trick" I use to entertain my boys.....whenever we go on a trip I pick up little "new" things that they will LOVE and will entertain them. I don't show them until well on the trip sort of as a surprise. Little things like books, or balls or a favorite guy or even a funky sucker. I also stock my CD player with tons of kids music. Just a few tips from one mama to another, I traveled from MN To MT in a car 20 hours with a 2 year old, so I've been there!

    Hope Sammy takes lots of pictures!! We haven't seen G'Ma & G'Pa since last August!

    Chow Bella Girl!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work to me!! ahh lol
    Too bad I can't come that week to entertain you 2 and have a girls weekend! haha But i need to see Anthony and Sam too of course.

  3. Lori - Yup! Going to see Connie and Tim! Sammy hasn't seen any family in a while, so he wanted to make a little trip and take Anthony along for the ride. I know Connie and Tim are excited to see them. The last time any of us saw them was, hmmm, January '08 for Uncle Moe's funeral. Anthony was only 6 months old! That's a good idea. We've got some car toys, but its been the same ones forever. Maybe I'll pick up a little something for Anthony for the ride.

    Jill - It is a lot of work. Always have to double check to make sure I don't forget anything! I went back and looked at the list and realized I had forgotten P.J.'s! Haha I wish you could come hang out with me too! We might get lonely.


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