Monday, April 26, 2010

Poop is NOT a toy.

I have a funny story for you all...happened 30 minutes ago. If you don't like poop talk then you should probably refrain from reading. But it all just comes with the territory of being a Mama! :)

I wanted to give Molly a little naked time today....give her a chance to just air out. I don't know how many other Mamas do this, but a little fresh air does the bottom good. Anyway, so I sat her down on a pee pad on the floor in Anthony's room so the two of them could play with his tinker toys. I figured she had pooped once already today and I just changed her diaper so we'd be good. I head out to the kitchen to sweep the floor (if you already didn't know it I have an OCD obsession with sweeping my floors-haha). I'm just putting the broom up when here comes Anthony.....

"Mama, baby poop! Poop!"

What I wanted to say: "WHAT!? Shit!!"

What I actually said: "WHAT!! Oh no! Baby went poop!?"

Anthony ushered me into his room where Molly sat....big grin on her face,
little turd in her hand. It wasn't bad enough she had to go and poop on the floor....she decided her poop was something fun to play with. Lucky for me her poop was a few little solids, not a nasty softy. ;)

Now I know what you're thinking....that's absolutely disgusting. You're right. BUT it was also extremely hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. If I hadn't been afraid she'd try and put the poop in her mouth I would have taken a photo. But she had that crazy look in her eye and I saw her tiny hand motion to her mouth and my photo opportunity passed me by.

Still chuckling, I opened up her palm and let the little nugget fall to the floor. Anthony gave me a disgusted look. I whisked her away, did some deep Molly cleaning, and placed her in front of a more appropriate toy....like some soft blocks.

Lesson for Molly: Poop is NOT a toy.

Lesson for Mama: Do NOT leave airing out baby unattended....even if she
has already pooped once that day.

Ahh the Joys of Mamahood!! I can't wait to tell Papa this one! ;)

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Way funny and absolutely cute!! I would be so disgusted.. But just like you if I'd see the look on their faces I would also be laughing about the whole thing!

    Btw, there's an award for you back at my blog that's waiting to be picked up!

  2. Ohh my gosh... I'm kind of glad you didn't take a photo?? LOL. Thanks for the laugh! :)

  3. I'm no miss - All I could do was laugh, hahaha. Some people think me insane! ;) Oh dang! Thanks!!! Hopefully I can squeeze in the time to go do it before I head out of town. I not, for sure when I get back.

    Sweet August - HAHA! Not a kodak moment? lol!

  4. Ewwie! Reminds me of a story about Jamie and I in the bathtub together. Jamie was a baby and went poop in the tub, I picked it up, thinking it was soap. NIIIICE - thanks Jamie! lol

  5. HAHAHAHA Brown log soap. NICE! ;)


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