Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pool Time Fun! ...And Self Image Woes?

I think it's pretty cool that even though the town my family and I live in now is fairly small, it still has a community pool! I was excited when I learned this!

The first time I went was last May. I managed to make a friend who has a sweet little gal (who was 7 months at the time) and we met up one day at the pool. I strolled on in 35 weeks pregnant with Molly, holding my almost 2 year old little man's hand. I felt like all the mothers and teens in there were staring at me.

Gosh!! I wanted to scream that I was 22 and not 16 just to clarify things. I'm
sooo sorry I have one child attached to my hip with another one cooking in my belly while I, myself, look like a child! Yes, I have been plagued with looks younger than my actual age. Sucks in some cases, but hey, when I'm 40 maybe I'll finally look like what I should look like now....a gal in my 20's. Jealous?

So back to the pool....

The pool opened back up the end of March after being closed for the winter season.I've been wanting to take the kids to break in their new swimsuits the Easter Bunny got them for Easter. :) I decided Thursday we would actually pull ourselves together and go! Sammy got off work and we hit the road. We had such a grand time! It only took a second for Anthony to remember where we were and he got so excited! Watching him crawl on his belly in the water like a little alligator was hilarious. It was little Miss Molly's very first time in a pool! She loves the bath tub, so I had no doubt in my mind she'd love the pool too. She was thrashing her arms and legs all about trying to splash before she even hit the water! haha

I would say the only not so grand part of the evening was when I was in the girls changing room with Mols. I would like to say I'm typically not an extremely
self conscious person, but we all have our moments. I'm far from being disgusted with my body, but naturally I'm not what I was pre-babies and I wish I were! I don't particularly like to undress in front of others, but given the wide open changing area, I had no choice. Just as I was stripping down, two teen girls wandered on in and got a full view of my Mama love handles, very light (but still visible) side stretchmarks, belly pooch, and butt. Oh dang, get a full view ladies! That's right! No sex till you're 30! This is what happens! Babies and a slower metabolism!

He He He! Ha Ha Ha!

Really though, I heard one whisper (because as a Mama I have super sonic hearing), "She has a baby? Look." They both gave a little giggle and then went on their marry way. I just finished putting on my suit, scooped up Miss Molly and gave her a big 'ol smooch on her chubby little cheeks. I happily trotted myself out to the pool proudly holding my baby gal, but also hoping my thighs weren't giggling. :)

April 22, 2010




With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Are you kidding me??? Mama you are gorgeous and thin! Maybe it's not what you used to be but it is pretty darn good, baby or not!

  2. People can be so rude these days! Cute pictures. We unfortunately don't have a community pool. However, my husband's grandmother has one and we only live 10ish minutes away. We will definitely be frequenting it this summer! I love the water and I hope my little girl does too.

  3. Cute photos! and you are a hot mama!

    My little boy's first time at the pool, he was wearing those beaming delights too.

    You have a beautiful family.

  4. Sweet August - Aww,lol,thank you! Yes, I know! I think no matter the size, it's hard to be "content" with what you have. I'm working on it. Just like when you're pregnant you think you look like a "fat whale" (haha, I hear that used all the time from Mamas) even though everyone else swears you look gorgeous!

    Cassie - Yeah, they can be! Just have to shrug it off! That's great your husband's grandma has a pool you guys can use! It sure is a fun activity to offer kiddos! Your daughter will have a lovely time I'm sure! You'll have to post photos when you do go!

    I'm no miss - There's just something about splashing about that makes a child the happiest kid in the world! I bet he looked so sweet. :) And thank you, I have been very blessed!


  5. Love the pictures!!

    Every women has self conscious moments your definitely not alone...expecially during bathing suit season! And I compleatly understand the whole looking far younger than you are deal! I usually get somewhere between 15-16...Im like Im 21 thanks! lol I give you props for keeping your head high and staying proud of your slender figure! Your a wonderful role model for Molly. Just wait those girls will get there streatch marks one day... and hopefully understand.

  6. Thank you!! You got exactly what I meant. Yes! Agreed! Every woman does have those moments, regardless of what they look like. LOL, annoying, huh!? Everyone always tells me it's a good thing to look younger. It's annoying now, but it will be a good thing later. :)

  7. The one of you and Molly is precious!
    I think you look great Becca!
    Ignore those teenage snots. I know you hate swimming haha but I'm glad you have a cool summer place to bring Molly and Anth! I can't believe the pool was open already. I think our town has one too now, so I'm excited to go in the summer...hopefully it will be a lot cleaner than Ravena lol.
    I'm on my way towards still havin' v card at age 30 lol. TMI?

  8. When I went to get wine the other day, the guy looked at me weird and said I couldn't be a day over 15. I was like k here's my I.D., I'm 23. He barely believed me!!

  9. LOL, yes, I'm def. not a swimmer! But I'll go in the water for my kiddos. :) The pool has a big dome covering it. I think they take it down in May. I actually like the pool better with the dome up, it blocks the sun out and you don't have to fret about sunscreen. It is better than the Ravena pool, haha!

    Not a day over 15!! HEHEHE


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