Thursday, March 11, 2010

Only a Mama Knows...

The most wonderful wake up call you can ever receive is the sound of your little one's tiny feet pitter pattering across the floor to come cuddle with you in bed.

I rolled over on to my side and closed my eyes tight so when Anthony came in he would think I were still asleep. I heard him slide the door open, shuffle over to my side of the bed, and stop. I
was trying so hard not to laugh as he said, "Shh, Mama. Mama sleeping." and patted my head! I'm glad it was a pat on the head this time, in the past I've received pokes to the eyeballs. lol! Such a sweet little boy. He must always know when I'm faking. :)

I opened my eyes, smiled, grabbed him, and launched him clear over me into the bed. I tickled and tickled and tickled him some more until I was afraid he might pee the bed from laughing so hard! I asked him if he had to go wee-wee, and he promptly answered with a "NO!" Well that's good I thought. We lied there all snuggled amongst the 20 or so blankets and fluffy pillows and looked at the many photos on the walls. Anthony likes to point to them and tell me who's in them.

"That's Papa, Papa! Look! Papa! And Baby. Mama! Where's Papa?"

"Papa's at work, Papa's bye-bye."

"Bye-bye? Where's bike?"

"Bike's outside....sleeping." haha

He then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the head. "Muuaah!"

"Thanks baby, I love you!"

"I la tu, Mama."

We heard Molly waking up talking to herself in her crib. I asked Anthony if we should go get her to come cuddle with us. Again he promptly answered with a "No!" HAHA! Cuddle time over. :)

Sure beats your alarm clock, huh?

With love,

Mama Hauck

March 6, 2010 Anthony and Mama

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  1. awww... what a sweet post. Oh, you have an award on my blog. ;D


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