About Me

Hello! My name is Mama Hauck, but you can just call me Mama. My children do.

A little about me.....

I'm a lover of writing, photography, and DIY'ing. None of which I am a professional at, but I love them all the same. I write this blog for myself, my husband, and my children. I take photos to capture moments in our lives and I enjoy capturing other people's moments as well on occasion. My husband and I both craft; we do this for ourselves as well as for others and it brings great joy to our lives. 

I love the country and country living is definitely the life for me. You will not change my mind on this. Ever. Give me acres of land, miles and miles from town for my children to run on, an abundance of trees to climb and swing from, a front porch for sitting and drinking, and the uninterrupted sounds of nature. 

I love the beach as well. Just get me to the coast and I am a happy gal! Digging my toes into the sand and watching the waves roll in makes my soul feel at peace. Add in there a husband and a couple of beach bum kiddos and life is perfect.

Other loves and favorites include hot baths, candles, singing and dancing with my babies, the beautiful Autumn season, sleeping in, tattoos, Halloween, sweat pants, hearing my children giggle, vanilla chi tea, and girl talk. 

I'm not the best of cooks, but I'm learning and I try. I believe that having the desire to be and do better is half the battle. Currently, our family is working towards bettering ourselves physically......this means watching what we eat: less sugar and less processed food, more whole foods, organics when we can, and more home made. We are also striving to replace a lot of our commercial beauty products that contain questionable ingredients with easy, healthier home made versions.  And mentally/emotionally......focusing on having a thankful heart and enjoying the present moment and all it has to offer. Deep breaths, slow to anger, quick to forgive, having a heart full of love. 

Never as a child could I ever picture getting married and one day having children of my own. That future was so far off, right? So much time and so much to do before then. My life's plan looked much different in my mind's eye way back then. It's funny how your plan and God's plan don't always align. And that's ok. I've no complaints about that. Life isn't perfect. It's not meant to be. And I'm forever thankful God interrupted my plan for his own. 

So now here I am, married at 19 years old and Mama to 3 children by the age of 26. Ohhhhh how my children are the complete center of my universe, filling my heart with so much pride and joy and teaching me the beauty of life and what it means to truly love. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Yes, I am Mama Hauck. And I love it. 

I hope in the years to come, when my children look back at this blog I have created for us, they will smile and take joy in reliving all our precious memories and see how deeply, from the depths of my soul, I have loved them. 

With love,

Mama Hauck