Monday, February 12, 2018


We are always proud of our children, but sometimes they really do just blow us away. 

A few weeks back, Molly received a Good News From School postcard. In it, she is being thanked for being kind and making others feel safe and good about themselves while out at recess. It totally made me cry. 

I remember back in November, Molly told me about how one day at recess, one of her friends took a jump-rope away from a boy. She told her friend it wasn't very kind for her to have taken it, and Molly gave it back to the boy. A week or so after her telling me about it, her teacher, while at our parent- teacher conference, brought it up to me. She wanted me to know that Molly is always so kind to everyone and she really appreciates that about her. 

Molly Lynn, we are so proud of you for always looking out for people and being kind. I really appreciate the fact that every day, since the first day of school, you walk your brother to his class and give him a hug goodbye. You know just what to do to make others feel safe, loved, and included. You see all people the same and love them all equally. You stick up for people and help others when they need help. I love that about you! Don't ever change that. The world needs more people like you, Molly.  You are a great sister and a wonderful friend.

Just a few days ago, Timothy was over the moon when he received his own Good News From School postcard! He is so proud of it and has it pinned to his cork board in his room. 

Despite being a bit on the shy side, Tim is full of fun, happiness, and love. There isn't an adult I know that hasn't, at one point in time, told me how sweet, funny, and adorable he is and how much they love him. Two weeks ago I received a text from his old speech therapist - "You have the sweetest boy! Timothy came into my office on his way to recess just to give me a hug and say he misses me! :) Made my day!" All I could think was yup! That's my sweet boy! 

Timothy, you are such a sweet hearted little boy. You are so full of love, you just burst at the seams! I love how you love your teachers and are such a good boy at school. I love how you tell me goodbye and you love me, a minimum of five times, while leaving for school. I love how you still want to snuggle and hold my hand. And I love how, when you know you've done something naughty or mean, you are genuinely remorseful and can't go to sleep until you've let the person know you are sorry and love them. I love, love, love that about you!! We are so proud of you. 

Anthony's 2nd quarter report card came in the mail the other day, and he's got A's across the board! Being his first year in the middle school, it's a big adjustment, and the kids have a lot more self responsibility. He works hard, asks for help when needed, checks up on his grades and makes sure all assignments are turned in, and never once has complained about homework. 

Three weeks back, while Anthony was newly struggling with that horrible rash on his face, he missed a few days and classes and had to make up the work. One day, after a dr. appointment, I dropped him off, but without a lunch or his sax. He called me to tell me what time he needed me to bring them to school by. He is so good about making sure all his bases are covered and he gets done what he needs to get done. A week later, I received this e-mail from his teacher - "I have been meaning to email you. I know that it was tough on Anthony to come to school with that rash, but he was a trooper and I appreciate it. I was at my desk when he called to talk to you and it really made me appreciate that not only is Anthony a good student, but a kind boy and a nice son. It was nice to hear a student be so nice to their parent. Thanks again, Mrs. Schuster. 

Anthony, we are so proud of you and all the hard work you have been putting into school. I know middle school has been a big adjustment, and there's been some curve balls thrown at you, but you are totally kicking butt and putting in the work. You are on your way to being a responsible, respectful honest, and trustworthy young man. We see you growing in leaps and bounds every day. I love how you are suck a kind, sweet boy to your teachers and peers and you leave for school in the morning with a smile on your lips, ready to face to day. 

You know, when we are home, I'll admit it, the kids can act like little jerks to us and each other. Isn't that their job? Isn't that how they figure out life and how to go about it? Testing boundaries, learning, and growing from poor decisions and consequences here at home? Sam and I always laugh about it. The kids can be mean and rude and back back and forth allll day long to the point of driving you crazy. They're kids. But at the end of the day, they know what we expect of them and they are just such good kids. They are kind to everyone. Everyone! They stick up for others and each other. They are polite and respectful to adults. They are happy, sweet, and good. 

We are so proud. 

With love,
Mama Hauck